10 Minutes with…Lee Mumford, Pilot & Photographer

An interview with Lee Mumford, Pilot and Photographer

Name: Lee Mumford | Occupation: Pilot | Location: Hong Kong | Known for: Pilot and Photography

Hong Kong is home to an abundance of creative talent, spanning across different career paths from aviation photographers to feng shui masters. Each week we interview some of the most notable creatives and entrepreneurs from around the city to learn some of their quirky habits, hopes and dreams, and “favourite things” to share with us. This week, we got up and personal with Lee Mumford, a photographer, and pilot based in Hong Kong.

Lee Mumford

Philippines, El Nido | Image courtesy of Lee Mumford

A Little Background…

Originally from the U.K, Hong Kong-based Lee Mumford has quite the eye for aerial metropolis and nature shots. Now based in Hong Kong, the pilot travels the world for work duties, and to pursue his passion for photography whilst abroad. That’s not to say Hong Kong isn’t also a core focus—some of Lee’s most incredible shots are taken in the city itself. The pilot-photographer also has an eco-conscience, striving to minimise waste wherever he travels and lives by WWF’s quote “we are the first generation to know we’re destroying the world, and we could be the last that can do anything about it”. With over 45 countries ticked on his holiday list and an