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15 Unique Hong Kong Artworks to Spruce Up Your Home


Hong Kong's art scene has remained underrated for far too long. A look into this compiled list of artists who have drawn from their own personal heritage or travels to Hong Kong will expose you to a whole new hidden world where art continues to interact with the way in which we contact ancestral pasts and document the transient present.

1) Staunton & Henry:

Japanese Koi Fish with Frame (Set of 1, 2 or 3)

This piece holds a special place in the hearts of monotone painting lovers. Featuring an abstracted number of black and grey scaley Koi fish swimming in a clockwise motion, this painting comes in two more styles that vary in composition. Once framed together as a harmonious set, these Koi fish will transform any place, be it vibrant or dull, into a captivating and calming scene. 

Price: from HK$470

2) Staunton & Henry:

Wide Poured Liquid with Frame

Available in a multitude of mesmerising colours, this modern piece displays glittery marbled paint blending with lavish golden flecks. Free to buy in purple, light and dark blue, or orange, a framed painting from this line is sure to elevate the ambience of any room and help it achieve that classic high-end look. 


Price: from HK$1,190

3) On Paper Lab:

Vetiver Rattan (Elsa Jeandedieu)

Sold by On Paper Lab, this single-toned forest green background and translucent beige stripes comprise this next coveted painting. Evoking soothing Southeast Asian aesthetics with its rattan inspiration and earthy green backdrop, this piece’s synchronised simplicity would rectify any room lacking in tranquility. 

Price: from HK$300


4) On Paper Lab:

Sampan (Elsa Jeandedieu)

Inspired by Asian craftsmanship, these Sampan paintings, also sold by On Paper Lab, depict the centuries-old Chinese boat structure. Named after sam (three) and pan (board), this ship print is available in blue and salmon, black and white, pink and red, and pink and blue colour combinations. Whichever of the four is decided on, their honourary placement on any wall is sure to enhance rooms with its showcasing of China’s instrumental legacies. 

Price: from HK$300

5) On Paper Lab:

Lucky Cat Green (Elsa Jeandedieu)

Cute and charming, the "Lucky Cat", offered in green, coral, and purple print, is certain to add a flair of good fortune to any space where it graces the walls. Remarkably detailed yet elegantly simple, the wooden textured lines, iconic lucky cat pose, and expressive wide eyes exude a captivating character that would catch any viewer's eyes. All of these distinctive features fuse together to create a piece that is both whimsical and admirably endearing. 

 Price: from HK$300

6) Louise Hill Design:

Hong Kong Neon

Printed only an exclusive number of 100 times, this piece represents vivid daily life in what is often coined as the vertical city. A resplendent collage of Hong Kong’s iconic neon signage, cultural architecture, and modern street scenes, this magnificent piece weaves a profound tapestry of the city’s living history and fast modernity. Perfect for any room, owning a framed "Hong Kong Neon" piece allows you to keepsake the city’s heritage and relish in its every vibrant hue and authentic detail. 


 Price: from HK$8,350

7) Louise Hill Design:

China White and Champagne Gold

Different from her usually colourful signature style, this Louise Hill art piece features a soothing colour palette, paired with her iconic Asian iconography. Adorned with sparkly champagne and gold accents and a plethora of East Asian inspired miscellaneous objects and architecture, Hill presents a meticulous, vintage patchwork to capture the essence of her cross-continental muses. Truly timeless in its marrying of contemporary space compositions and heritage imagery, this piece mobilises the celebration of Asian ancestry and simultaneously imparts luxurious comfort through every component. 

 Price: from HK$15,450

8) Louise Hill Design:

Chinoiserie In Teal & Peacock Blue

A true feast for the eyes, this third Louise Hill piece is limited to just 50 prints and features an extensive library of photographs masterfully assorted into a refined final piece. Cooling blues and greens are dressed in Hill’s quintessential gold embellishments, whilst the intricately small details stitch every photographic image to the next one. Talented in her colour-pairing and overlaying abilities, Hill once again presents a piece that elegantly evokes her intimate connection to Asia. 

 Price: from HK$12,350

9) Tiny Island Maps: Victoria Harbour Map

Boasting immense detail discernible by magnifying glass, this three-piece set is perfect for geography fanatics. Designed with simple typography and featuring a cerulean blue theme, this set transforms the space it occupies with its tranquil colours and charmingly simple demonstration of Hong Kong’s emblematic attractions. 

 Price: from HK$1,950

10) Kakahuette: Novitas (Andrew Ives)

Designed by Andrew Ives, this photograph uplifts the mood of any room with its fluorescent neon-purple and red city signs and high contrast resolution. A true harmonisation of warm and cool colours, this piece captures a brilliantly vibrant snapshot of urban life in Asia. 


 Price: from HK$599

11) Kakahuette: Hong Kong Taxi (Rex)

Refined in its expression of daily life, this piece amalgamates the overwhelming signage of Hong Kong’s city streets with the vivid beauty of high-resolution photography. With its urban allure, familiar urban details, and calming colour scheme, “Hong Kong Taxi” is truly ideal for enhancing office and living spaces. 

 Price: from HK$599

12) Richard Marc Crosbie: Temple Street Gate

Authentically hand-illustrated, this piece originates from Richards own photography of Kowloon Hong Kong. Richard accurately portrays the contrasting interplay of Hong Kong’s modern urban buildings and its time-honoured restorative landmarks. With its hand-sketched style and muted colours, “Temple Street Gate” is great for displaying the present feel of Hong Kong and imbuing environments with the richness of its cultural heritage. 

 Price: upon request (DM on Instagram)

13) Alvin c.k. Lam Art: The Ice Cream Grandpa

Steeped in honourable personal history, this illustration presents the ice-cream grandpa. Known in real life as Mr Wong, a kind soul who sold ice cream outside a local school for 70 years regardless of weather obstacles until his tragic passing in 2017 at the age of 102. Having left behind a generational imprint on the locals who admired his devotion and gentle nature, Alvin’s painting is a tribute to the legacy of friendships Mr Wong had developed over his long lifetime and the nostalgic legacy his absence leaves behind. 

 Price: from HK$1,900

14) Alvin c.k. Lam Art: Wong’s Dried Food Stall

Alvin’s snapshots of daily life in Hong Kong have once again metamorphosised trivial scenes into images that evoke a profound sense of sentimental significance. In particular, this specific piece is inspired by Mr Wong who, for six decades, had managed his dry food business named “Sang Kee”. Located in Hong Kong’s most dated Graham Street bazaar, Alvin’s painting records the fleeting moments of city life and reveals the hidden significance behind their earnest meanings.

 Price: from HK$1,900


15) Alvin c.k. Lam Art: 14 Years in Kowloon City

Paying homage to the Decoff family’s 14-year expat experience in Kowloon City, Alvin’s third listed piece presents the afflicting grief between the old and the new, the passing and the emerging. Accurately depicting urban evolution as the essential characteristic of Hong Kong’s fast-paced dynamism, Alvin plays with the themes of memory lanes and new life. With its darker colour scheme and intricate detail, this piece confronts the threat of urban renewal and documents the small-scale nostalgic elements of intimate Hong Kong neighbourhoods. 

 Price: from HK$3,680



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