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3 Aussie 'It' Girls to Follow On Instagram For Style Inspiration, From Maxine Wylde to Elodie Russell

If you’ve visited Australia before, we're positive you can attest to its overall laid-back aura with picturesque views from arguably all corners of the country. The nation’s fashion image speaks a similar effect to its natural beauty being sighted for the first time – modest (or a somewhat quiet luxury that has risen to fame recently) – and unapologetic, attracting the eyes of envious fashion enthusiasts that can’t help but chase that materialistic yearning for something new. 

In other words, it’s like when foreigners and visitors alike arrive to get a taste of Australia’s glorious sunshine, only to crave it constantly once they’ve returned home. From one extreme to the other, pioneers are encapsulating this polarity quite seamlessly – leading the way for Australian style. Those mentioned below are simply pioneers in the wake (for it would be too difficult to spotlight every patron of the luxury scene). We present you, Aussie It girls who are dominating the fashion universe.

Image courtesy of @__mmaxinewylde/Instagram

1) Maxine Wylde (@__mmaxinewylde)

Bold street. Pass Maxine on the town and you’re sure to look twice. Since posting her wannabe looks to Instagram in 2019, her community has grown exponentially and it’s not hard to believe. Always balanced in her outfitting, you’re guaranteed to see colour top or bottom, and more often than not, a slim sneaker depending on her mood. A sleeveless top cinched in at the waist is always a favourite, however, she also can rock a roomy blazer and bare legs. Just head to her Instagram for a rush of colour dopamine.

Image courtesy of @elodierussell/Instagram

2) Elodie Russell (@elodierussell)

Effervescent chic style. Ms Russell barely goes unnoticed in the fashion world, and we’re here for it. Working with top-tier global designers, her aesthetic is always top-notch. A red lip tends to be her go-to (à la Taylor Swift) which is then accentuated by hues of amber to ruby in her ensemble. She’s adamant about playing with texture, as she’ll be spotted in a rhinestone tank, lace pantyhose, or the occasional feather bower. And finally, Elodie won’t go anywhere without a mini designer handbag on her hip.

Image courtesy of @violetgrace_/Instagram

3) Violet Atkinson (@violetgrace_)

The Violet Aesthetic she calls it, is an inspiring one. It’s no surprise she’s a stylist and creative consultant herself since snapshots of her style serve nothing less than polished. If she’s not wearing colour, she’s got it on her arm or her lip. Feminine and tailored seems to be her formula, avoiding anything too oversized (very Parisian, to say the least). After all, if there’s anyone who can pull off the pantless trend, it’s Violet in Miu Miu. You’ll have to see for yourself. 


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