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5 Things To Know About Art Central, According to Curatorial Advisor Enoch Cheng


Enoch Cheng; Courtesy of the artist

Art Central 2024, a cornerstone of Hong Kong Art Week, returns this year to showcase innovative talents and renowned artists globally under the curatorial guidance of Enoch Cheng. This vibrant four-day event features over 90 global galleries, engaging talks, performances, and installations, reflecting Cheng's intermediate curation. From 2-dimensional illustrations to 3-dimensional installations and films, don't miss this exploration of artistic boundaries and cultural narratives at the Central Harbourfront.

Event timeline: 28th March - 31st March 2024

ACHK_Central Harbourfront 2018

1. Art Central’s 2024 edition will be filled with dynamic energy.

Returning home to its iconic location on the Central Harbourfront, visitors can expect to feel the pulse of contemporary art.

Miyuki Yokomizo, torso, 2023, Aluminum, Dimension Variable. Courtesy of the artist and LEE & BAE

2. Presenting its most extensive and diverse programming to date, the Fair will unveil engaging performances based on all senses.

Besides coming to see the art, visitors will be able to experience the variety of offerings through touch, smell, and taste.

Francois Knoetze, Russel Hlongwane, Amy Louise Wilson, Dzata_ The Institute of Technological Consciousness (Rock production still), 2022 - ongoing.

Courtesy of the artists

3. The Fair’s Video Art programme in 2024 explores new art from the field of moving images, a forward-thinking showcase of leading artists who have been invited to present recent works on the Fair’s state-of-the-art LED wall.

Never shown in Hong Kong, these exciting video works will showcase our relationship with the future. 

Nigel Howlett, Interconnection, 2023, Oil on Linen, 90x90cm. Courtesy to the artist and Ojiri Gallery

4. Art Central is proud to create an entry point for emerging Hong Kong artists to exhibit in Asia’s largest market for contemporary art.

These young artists are observers of the city who capture subtle details and sentiments from the daily life.

Sangsun Bae, Threadless Renewal (rendered image), 2024, Rope soaked in dye, ceramic, archival pigment print, dimensions variable.

Courtesy of the artist and LEE & BAE

5. Art Central will feature many of Asia’s most innovative galleries who have emerged within the past 5 years.

These galleries are charged with presenting cutting-edge artists who are relevant to the global contemporary art scene.


Address: Central Harbourfront Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 3892 2304 | Email: | Instagram: @artcentralhk | Facebook: @artcentralhk


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