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6 Beautiful Mountain Getaways in Northern Italy


The world has long since been fond of Italy as a holiday destination, and for good reason. Few other countries can live up to the reputably enjoyable experience of Italian culture, whether it’s the delicious food, serene Mediterranean views, or urban landscapes that are infinitely rich in art, literature, and history. On that note, we’ve researched and catalogued the best mountainous retreats to help you relax to the fullest in Italy’s astounding natural scenes and make the most of your time off work. 

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1) Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus 

First on the list is family-run and pet-friendly resort Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus. Comfortably situated in Olang opposite the sublime Dolomite Mountain range, it becomes clear why this hotel is described as “close to heaven”. Featuring a spa, sauna, gym, its own kitchen, and an impressive total of 5 heated swimming pools, with one floating above the entrance, this destination is nothing short of luxury.

Another winning feature of Hotel Hubertus is its seasonal flexibility; whether you desire a snowy retreat into the refreshing air of Italy’s winter or a summery escape to the sun-kissed Dolomite terrain, this hotel can make both of your dreams come true. Activities can vary depending on the season, with the winter months being predominantly occupied with ski school and winter trips to nature parks, whilst summer terms consist of e-bike tours, ziplining, farm visits, and rafting. With stays ranging in price from 500 to 600 euros a night, Hubertus’s elaborate itineraries, dreamy mountain views, and minimalist cosy-cabin ambiance more than make up for its hefty price tag.  

Address: Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus, The Gasser Family, Via Furcia 5, 39030 Sorafurcia- Valdaora, Italy | Website: | Phone: +39 0474 59 21 04 | Email: | Instagram: hotel_hubertus | Facebook: Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus

 2) Bellevue Hotel and Spa 

For maximalist vintage interiors and cosy cabin feels, Bellevue Hotel is the ideal holiday location. Founded in 1925 and built in Cogne, North-Western Italy, this location is rich in historical attractions, including Roman-dated magnetite mines, museum Maison Gérard-Dayné, Sant’Orso Parish Church, and tranquil pastoral villages. With costs per night varying from 300 to 750 euros, a stay here includes the benefits of a swimming pool, saunas, Turkish baths, a fitness area, and pampering spa treatments.

As with most North Italian locations, winter and summer seasons provide an endless array of potential activities. Enjoy summer days by fishing and taking serene strolls in their blooming Botanical Garden, or destress with exhilarating mountain bike trails, horse-riding, or kayaking. However, a trip to Bellevue in the winter months is no less exciting. Whether you're craving a destination that allows you to ice-skate, trek in the snow, or ski in the Alps, this hotel can accommodate all. Recline in regal dining spaces decorated with Persian rugs, antique wooden furniture, and chandeliers and relish in traditional floral printed rooms at Bellevue. 


Address: Rue Grand Paradis, 22, 11012, Cogne, (AO), Aosta Valley, Italia , P.Iva 00419710074 | Website: | Phone: +39 0165 74825 | Email: 

3) Sostaga Villa Boutique 

Following in Bellevue’s traditional footsteps is Sostaga Villa Boutique, situated along Lake Garda. Priced at 300 to 650 euros a night, this venue is characterised by vintage French furniture with antique wooden accents and soothing pastel tones. This hotel centers its experiences around the views of the Italian Alps, with each room being provided its own panoramic view of the snowy hilltop mountains and marine blue lake. Whilst the décor of the accommodation falls into a minimalist category, the polished wooden floors, coupled with the elegant twentieth-century European accents and vibrant sofa fabrics, collectively orchestrate a tranquil historic ambiance.

Sostaga Villa takes full advantage of its captivating surroundings, with its jacuzzi, pool, seating, and fitness areas all stationed in perfect viewing points so that you can let loose whilst fully indulging in the enchanting environment. In light of the tradition of Italian mountainous getaways, winter skiing, and all-year-round nature trails are great pastimes at Sostaga, alongside your essential spa treatments. Sostaga outshines other hotels through its opportunity to rent vintage Italian cars. A week's stay at this establishment is bound to leave you thoroughly rejuvenated and nourishingly pampered, with a ride in their charming pastel car models serving as the perfect finale to your holiday. 

Address: Via Sostaga, 19, 25084 Gargnano BS, Italy | Website: | Phone: +39 0365 791218 | Email: | Instagram: @hotelvillasostaga | Facebook: Villa Sostaga Boutique Hotel


4) Vigilius Mountain Resort

Reachable only by cable car, this resort lies 1500m above sea level and is ideal for those seeking a departure from traditional aesthetics. With modernist interiors that feature organic elements, including clay walls, pine wood, and neutral tones, these suites marry earthy elements with modern, streamlined trends. For 400 euros per night, you can wake up to the cosy embrace of soft morning sunlight that illuminates a stunning backdrop of the majestic Alps from your window. Along with pool and spa services, Vigilius eagerly lure daredevils seeking thrilling activities such as paragliding, skiing, and mountain biking. However, this venue makes it clear that spiritual reflection is central to its way of life. Their exclusive Japanese-inspired forest bathing and centuries-old Chinese Qi Gong program provide hotel guests with opportunities to revive sacred meditation traditions and reap their therapeutic rewards. All in all, this hotel is perfect for those seeking a balance between adrenaline-rushing experiences and soul-grounding exercises. 

Address: Via Villa, 3, 39011 Lana BZ, Italy | Website: | Phone: 00390473556600 | Email: | Instagram: @vigiliusmountainresort | Facebook: Vigilius Mountain Resort


5) Rosapetra Spa Resort

The Dolomite Mountain range attracts numerous hotel businesses; however, Rosa Petra makes it to the list for its unique log-cabin aesthetic and idyllically solitary surroundings. Rated as having one of the best 100 spas in Europe, this establishment will upgrade your spa experiences for 700 euros a night with elaborate international pampering practices, including Finnish saunas and Turkish baths. Their massage parlours are unparalleled in technological advancement, with water-jet neck therapy and hydro-massages also on offer.

A twelve-meter heated pool, outdoor sauna, 360-degree fitness room, and fine-dining restaurants top the list of reasons why a stay here in Cortina promises a uniquely luxurious holiday. With its prime location, nearby activities include nature hikes with waterfall views, skiing, heli-skiing, sledging, snowmobile tours, ice skating, and paragliding. Truly riveting in character, Rosa Petra Spa Resort is ideal for sporty vacationers seeking accommodation that is refined in quality and rich in active itineraries. 

Address: Località Zuel di Sopra, 1, 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo BL, Italy | Website: | Phone: +39 0436 869062 | Email: | Instagram: @rosapetracortina | Facebook: Hotel Rosa Petra Spa Resort


6) Au Cœur Des Neiges

Just a short distance from France’s border and 6 miles away from Mont Blanc, this last hotel is found in Italy’s most north-western province. Choose to stay in their cosy dark wood cabin equipped with an additional kitchen and living space for 360 euros or indulge in their 250sqm grand chalet that spans 3 floors for 1200 euros per night. Alongside organised mountain trips, the list of indoor activities includes a heated pool with hydro jets, waterfalls, and a counter-current swim. A winning attribute of this hotel, which has won the hearts of many visitors, is its elaborate spa services. Spanning Turkish hammams, saunas, multi-sensory showers, and personalised spa and massage treatments, Au Cœur Des Neiges will provide you with the perfect sanctuary where you can soothe both your physical and emotional stress. Their proud bistro kitchen boasts an extensive gourmet menu that can be enjoyed in the warm ambience of the dining area or delivered straight to your room via room service. Distinct for its village-chalet architecture, this location is primarily ideal for vacationers who seek slow-paced itineraries and sensorial indulgent experiences. 


Address: Au Coeur Des Neiges, Strada Statale 26, n.1, Courmayeur, Italy | Website: | Phone: 0165 843514 | Instagram: @aucoeurdesneiges | Facebook: Au Coeur Des Neiges | Email:


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