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How to Integrate Scandinavian Style into Every Home


In the modern world where the balance between functionality and aesthetics is often elusive, the name Albin Berglund resonates with the allure of simple yet timeless luxury. As the co-founder of luxury studio design studio, Bergman Design House, and superyacht interior architecture and design studio, Njord by Bergman, the award-winning Swedish interior designer elevates every space he enters by bringing his unique perception to the forefront. His career spans fashion and interior photography, and is deeply influenced by the perspective of photography. Together, the creations are eminent in both aesthetics and functionality.

Berglund impressive portfolio includes prestigious hospitality projects worldwide, from Saint Petersburg to Dubai, and overseeing projects including the Riyadh outposts of British royal's beloved Fortnum and Mason, The Lanesborough and Scott’s, as well as The Other House, BXR and The Lund Collection in the UK. At Bergman Design House, the exclusive projects showcase names like Waldorf Astoria, The. Other House South Kensington and the Hilton Hotel Brussels. Here, we speak to Berglund for some insider tips for achieving the coveted Hygge Scandi chicness in your living and working spaces.

Upcoming Oceanco NXT Superyacht, Aeolus, by Njord by Bergman


Scandinavian design and especially Hygge involves comfort, cosiness, a sense of well-being, and a relaxed frame of mind.

The Design Details. Home should be a warm, liveable place that is alive, a place to please the eye and soothe the senses in scale, curves, colours, variety, pattern and texture which is light, organic, and carved with rich layers of Zen. using light timber, linens, wools to add depth to the space. Home is the place where you spend time with family and loved ones—it soothes and comforts, it is a sanctuary,” says Albin.

Thoughtful Barefoot Luxury Villa by Bergman Design House

Oversize Lighting

Using oversize pendant lights, or oversize wall lights that can be dimmable: the use of oversize designs elevates any space and creates an atmospheric focal point, a circle of warmth. Lighting always has played this role for people since ancient times.

A cluster of people sitting beneath the encircling glow of a pendant lamp hung low over a table is a common sight in Scandinavia - the light seems to hold everyone together and defines them as a unit.

Thoughtful Barefoot Luxury Villa by Bergman Design House

Statement Furniture

Instead of cluttering up space with furniture all over the place, create corners of different seating. This works regardless of how big or small your space is. Choose your sofa and don’t buy big ones, mid-range is always a good idea, especially in London’s homes. Then, mix it with one lounge seat or even a swing. Swings can be fixed to the ceiling or simply free-standing. The free-standing varieties work well as they can be moved around accordingly.

Thoughtful Barefoot Luxury Villa by Bergman Design House


Don’t be scared to have some fun with layers and textures. Try a variety of textures and materials in your living room or bedroom; wool with cotton, a sheepskin rug in winter, and linens in summer with a hint of rough grass mats. The key is to follow a colour palette, for example: whites, blacks and greys. Use these colours as a basis for a mix of patterns and textures to achieve the coveted Scandi look.


Scent can transport us instantly to the comfort of the past, it's our sense of smell that is most strongly linked to our emotions. Maybe it's the aroma of green forests, or newly mown grass, or wood. Find your own scent to welcome you home.

OtherHouse by Bergman Design House

Invest in art

Art is the focal point – that adds life to your wall and has a massive impact on any house. Using neutral fabrics will never go wrong in furniture; blend neutrals with different textures and then add a punch of colour with your art. Whether you opt for blues, lively emerald greens or nude tones, go for big pieces. They look amazing above fireplaces or behind your main sofa. The bigger you go the more compliments you will get. Big art or big lighting units compliment the space and actually make it look bigger.


All imagery is provided by Charlotte Rous Communciations.


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