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A Guide to Truthis – a New Luxury Skincare Brand By Giann Chan

Founded by Hong Kong influencer Giann Chan (Chan Tsz Ying), Truthis is dedicated to depicting the truth about beauty and skincare in a new light. Giann and her team were on a mission to unveil the secrets to getting flawless skin and they've perfected it in the launch of the new skincare brand. Here's everything you need to know about Truthis and the new products available in the collection.

About Truthis

After years of working in the modelling industry for luxury beauty and fashion brands, Giann gained valuable insight into what works and what didn't work as well. She quickly realised the importance of clean beauty and maintaining external beauty and internal health – while boasting a phenomenal glow and youthful energy. Truthis believes that you can shine from the inside out, with a core focus on beauty and wellness.

Having travelled to 50 countries, Giann found that Switzerland and Japan will always be her favourite countries. She learned a lot about the culture and picked up on the meticulous craftsmanship of the Japanese and the pure environment of the Swiss alps. Thus, products are made in Switzerland to enhance its commitment to quality. Truthis works with scientists in Japan and Switzerland to create clean, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious products for us and the environment.

Truthis Products Have:

No Paraben

No Alcohol

No Mineral Oils

No Fragrance

No Artificial Colourings

No Harsh Chemicals

Are Cruelty-Free

"With the integration of beauty and wellness, I can see the dawn of a new age of beauty — one that aims to get the most out of a healthy mind, brain and overall wellbeing. I believe True Beauty Comes From the Inside Out.’’ – Giann Chan, Founder Truthis

The Products

Truthis just launched its first skincare product series – the E=mc2 Collection. The moisturising and translucent series is developed by the Swiss Beauty Biochemical Technology Laboratory, using cutting-edge biochemical scientists in dermatology, biochemistry, and medical beauty.

The E=mc2 Hydra light essence is specially designed for sensitive skin that can be great for calming irritated skin. It's filled with multiple vitamins, Squalene, hyaluronic acid and white melanin extract, to curate a deeply hydrating formula that absorbs easily and delivers long-lasting nourishment. The formula replenishes and balances the skin's moisture levels, while purifying and preparing the skin to absorb serums and moisturisers more efficiently.

This scientifically formulated serum rapidly transforms dull, dry skin to bring a more vibrant, glowing and healthy complexion. The luxurious, concentrated serum is highly compatible with different skin types and can be quickly absorbed to deliver nourishment and moisture.

This lightweight cream is powered by micro-hyaluronic acid, squalene, L-arginine and royal jelly to deliver up to 24 hours of hydration resulting in dewy, plumper looking skin. The E=mc2 hydra light cream can instantly quench dry skin and keeps it looking smooth, supple and hydrated day by day. The skin renewal cream formula absorbs quickly but provides immediate, long-lasting relief for even severely dry skin.

Order everything you need with the daily essential goddess routine all in one complete set. The TRUTHIS: Beauty set includes all full sizes of the bestsellers to brighten, tone, and hydrate! Save $140 when you buy the set (valued at $1890).

The Truthis Beauty Set Includes (all full sizes):

▷ Hydra light essence (6.7 fl oz / 200 ml)

▷ Hydra light serum (1 oz / 30ml)

▷ Hydra light cream ( 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml)


The Truthis travel case is perfect to hold all your skin essentials, toiletries and makeup. The lightweight paper bag is made from durable and recyclable Tyvek® material with a convenient hook to hang it from any handles.

The vegan MYSTIC WHITE contains three remarkable antioxidants, with organic whole plant extract optimised for better absorption through a microencapsulation process and enhanced with grape seed, rose, citrus, pineapple, melon. This helps to

recover your skin which is often affected by ultraviolet rays, sun exposure and mental stress. It also

promotes glowy skin – from the inside out.

The Truthis E=MC2 Collection will be available from late July. Pre-order products now.

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All images courtesy of Truthis.

CSP Times in paid partnership with Truthis Beauty.


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