An Indulgent Hair Spa Experience at Amour Hair Salon

Maintaining good haircare, much like skincare, is essential and can do wonders for an overall polished appearance. To gain constantly-healthy locks, however, one needs to keep up with a regular hair spa at home and work up routine visits to the salon. With Autumn’s cool breeze arrival, citizens can bid farewell to hot, humid summer, and welcome the better months ahead—especially for anti-frizz hair, thanks to the climate. Around the corner from Lei Tung Avenue, Amour Salon is a longstanding brand with professional scalp care and high-quality hairdressing services, in an expansive 2,000 square-feet venue. We stopped by the elegant salon to try one of their newest treatments—the Hair Spa by Amour.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

A decade of haircare

Nestled within QRE Plaza, the same building which houses crowd-favourites including Ohana tiki bar, Amour Hair Salon is a fully-integrated hair salon run by an expert team of hair and scalp specialists. Founded in 2009, the salon was renovated in Wan Chai just this year (2020) to provide an expansive 2,000 square-feet space, with two storeys of hair-cutting areas, professional scalp care space, private personal area, and a VIP Room.