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Bespoke Organic Aromatherapy Massages at SOVOS Spa

Specialising in aromatherapy and perfumery, organic spa SOVOS offers bespoke, natural formulas and services for its clients. The brand is qualified in customised wedding scents, botanical oil remedies, and spa treatments conducted by internationally-qualified in-house aromatherapists. We stopped by this wellness centre to experience the oil massage, followed by a personalised gift for a weekend retreat.

All images courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times.



Situated in bustling LKF, the spa sits above the renowned party scene, yet is secluded in an intimate space that makes you forget you’re even in Central. SOVOS is translated from the ancient Latin word for “Bespoke”. So telling of its name, the sanctuary offers a uniquely personalised concept in all its services, giving the option to generate your own custom formula in-house for gifting or for treatment. The property’s colour theme is a pale sky blue and white for a calming vibe and the room is decorated with subtle florals and luxury perfume bottles for a wedding feeling.



SOVOS’ motto is “only what fits, works for you”. We met one of the founders, Jonathan Fok who started the business with his wife Hester, drawing their inspiration from a passion for holistic health and natural remedies. The spa only uses organic herbals, personalised diagnostics, and therapies made from and using the finest, freshly-imported ingredients.


I tried the aromatherapy oil massage to relieve tension in my body. My treatment began with an initial consultation, where I filled in a form stating my biggest concerns (e.g. mental health, exercise habits, eating etc.) so that my therapist could suggest the best formula for my situation. The main focuses I wanted to work on were relaxing the sore muscles and relieving some anxiety, so my specialist recommended blending bergamot, geranium and grapefruit, all of which were made from 100% essential oils.

The treatment room was small but cosy, a homely-decorated space with delicate touches, from the tabletop lamp to the comfortable, freshly-laid out bed. My therapist was lovely and used the aromatherapy fusion to work my muscles and body from head to toe.


It was really calming and I actually drifted in and out of sleep during the massage, whilst breathing in the soothing aromas of natural herbals and florals. At the end of my treatment, I was given a custom-blend of aromatherapy oils printed with my name on it—a sweet touch.



SOVOS’s expertise in aromatherapy and fragrance is evident from the moment you enter the spa. Each of the label’s custom products’ ingredients are sourced from over 40 countries to help eliminate toxins and stimulate circulation, naturally. My treatment felt very personalised and was curated according to my needs, focusing on my shoulders and back particularly to relieve the knots and tension.

The spa uses a symptom-based approach to its products and practices research in ancient botanical wisdom and modern science to promote the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy—just ask the specialists for any questions or concerns and they’d be happy to help. What’s more, the wellness haven offers services in bespoke wedding scents and corporate events to make the gift of scent a truly memorable experience.

sovos | 1/F, Tak Woo House, Wo On Ln, Central, Hong Kong | +852 5970 0218 | Insta: @sovostherapy | Facebook: @sovostherapy


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