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Beyond Dubai Bling: Who is Loujain Adada, aka "LJ"?


Is LJ from Dubai Bling a billionaire?

Loujain Adada is not a billionaire, but she was married to one. With a US$4 million net worth, Loujain Adada is the second wealthiest among the Dubai Bling stars and has swiftly won the admiration of international viewers. Born in California, Adada's family moved back to their homeland of Lebanon where she spent the majority of her early years. Loujain’s modelling job which she acquired at the tender age of 14 served as a precursor for her career within the creative and entertainment industry. By age 21, she had won a coveted position within the realm of TV hosting.  

Who was the husband of LJ from Bling Dubai?

What is often called the highlight of her life story, Loujain, who originally was brought up in a fairly modest background, entered into matrimony with Saudi billionaire Walid Juffali. Plunged into a lavish lifestyle with a man 35 years her senior at the youthful age of 25, Loujain Adada received much pushback from society, being labelled a “gold digger”. Four years after a wedding that cost an estimated jaw-dropping US$10 million, Walid Juffali passed away in 2016 due to his long battle with cancer, leaving Adada a single mother of two infant daughters. 

New beginnings and noteworthy causes

Amidst her difficult challenge with grief, including her severed ties with her mother who left her as a young child, Loujain Adada’s entrance to the show of Dubai Bling made it clear she desired to open a new chapter of her life and invest in her personal healing and happiness. Both season one and season two of Dubai Bling depict her efforts into creating new beginnings in her dating and personal life. 


However, setting her aside from the other characters of Dubai Bling such as Zeina Khoury who named herself the “Versace Queen”, Loujain Adada’s public Instagram profile illustrates her desire to uplift smaller luxury clothing brands and empower under-represented companies. As commented by Arab Fashion Council on Instagram, Loujain has felt under fulfilled with the simple stardom she acquired from featuring in reality TV. Instead, in a collaboration post with Arab Fashion Council, she was described as having “dedicated her platform to supporting emerging talent, utilising her influential reach to raise awareness and make a positive impact”.  

Her photoshoot collaborations that are dazzlingly advertised on her Instagram profile include Parisian-inspired independent brand Botsi, Lebanese-designer-owned brand Sadek Majed, Tunisian-couturier owned clothing line Ali Karoui, Chic Le Frique, and Cindarella’s Closet. 


Despite Loujain’s deep mother-wound and the loss of her much-loved late husband, her life’s narrative of emotional perseverance and professional altruism, coupled with her luxurious fashion sense, leaves an indelible mark within Dubai’s social landscape and gained her a loyal, much-enamoured fan base. 


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