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Castle Hotel Windsor's Chef Suraj Lokhande Shares His Top 5 Tips For a Traditional Afternoon Tea


With the recent grand celebration of Queen's Platinum Jubilee, the 70th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II, what better way to celebrate the rest of the summer than with a traditional British afternoon tea?

Inspired by the occasion, Castle Hotel Windsor introduces the Jubilee Afternoon Tea, carefully curated by Executive Head Chef Suraj Lokhande. Lokhande carries more than 17 years of experience in luxury kitchens, from Hilton, Marriott, to Savora Hotels, and currently oversees the hotel's entire kitchen, conference and banqueting operations. Along with his excellent knowledge in traditional English cuisines, Lokhande applied his specialisation of modern European and Asian cuisines to the wide-ranging, modern menu and the hotel's restaurant, Leaf. Here, Lokhande shares with us his top five tips to appreciate a traditional English afternoon tea.

1) A Combination Of Sweet Treats And Savoury Classics

Leaf’s Jubilee Afternoon Tea menu features some of the Queen’s favourites as well as our own twist on traditional treats such as a coronation chicken wrap, freshly baked scones and lemon posset. As with any menu, it is always great to feature an array of tea-time classics or treats to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy their favourite nibbles.

2) Using Good-Quality Ingredients

Using quality ingredients that are locally sourced will really improve the taste of food. Showcase the finest locally sourced produce from trusted suppliers. Windsor & Eton Brewery has a fantastic range that is very popular with our guests, and we also use the local Beechwood Farm’s free-range eggs in our baking.

3) Picking The Perfect Accompaniment

It is always a good idea to let guests choose what they’d like to drink and so we also offer a glass of prosecco, champagne, sparkling wine or a refreshing Boe Peach and Hibiscus gin and tonic.

4) Decorate Your Table

For an afternoon tea it is time to bring out your favourite crockery and cake stands.

5) Location, Location, Location

When organising an afternoon tea, you always need to have a wet weather plan – especially here in the UK! Make sure to have seating indoors or outdoors so guests can always request if possible.

Images provided by The PC Agency.

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