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Creature Feature | Pooch of the Week: Charlie

Creature Feature | Pooch of the Week: Charlie

Feeling ruff? Every week we feature a Hong Kong pet (pooch of the week) to brighten your day. This week, we’ve chosen Charlie, an adorable pooch worth a follow. At only five months old, Charlie is growing to be quite the pup—a full-grown Golden Retriever in the making. Besides his silky maine and handsome face, this doggo is an energetic buddy to his owners and loves to come along on hikes and the outdoors.


Name: Charlie | Birthday: 1st November 2019 | Breed: Golden Retriever

Charlie’s Story

Adopted at only three months old, Charlie had quite the upbringing—moving from his previous owner (who kept him for just a week, before realising she wasn’t equipped to look after him) to a loving couple, who welcomed him with open arms. Charlie has now been living with them for nearly two months and has made positive changes to their lives, as a light amidst the turbulent times. Charlie loves to venture on hikes every weekend, his energy pouncing off the ability to run, play and explore new places in the countryside, and the city. As Charlie’s owners say “Dogs teach us to play, love and be present, no matter what’s happening externally. I think we as humans can learn a lot from them!”.

Fave Snack, Place to Nap & Happy Place

Charlie eats just about anything but he has a soft spot for apples, chicken and frozen carrots, he is very high energy but loves to nap anywhere and everywhere so long as he’s at your feet. His happy place is definitely on a hike. His favourite one would be Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung as he gets to run around for a few hours before cooling off in the ocean after.

Meet the Owners

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