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Creature Feature | Pooch of the Week: Felix

Creature Feature | Pooch of the Week: Felix

Feeling ruff? Every week we feature a Hong Kong pet (pooch of the week) to brighten your day. This week, we’ve chosen Felix, an adorable pooch worth a follow. A mixed breeder (believed to be an exotic cross between Sharpei and Labrador) rescued from Kirstens Zoo, Felix knows how to sit back and be a good boy, especially when venturing out on the great outdoors.


Name: Felix Charles Cornelius | Birthday: Unknown (as he is a rescue for Kirstens Zoo)| Breed: Hong Kong mix (think he’s half Sharpei and Labrador)

About Felix

Felix Charles Cornelius is a mixed-breed (possibly Sharpei and Labrador) pooch with a love for the outdoors. His happy place is up in the peak and hiking trails, particularly ones with waterfalls.

Favourite Things

Favourite snack: He loves chicken!

Favourite place to nap: On the sofa! Or when no one is looking, on the bed

Happy place: Definitely hiking up the peak and when he can get a bit of water

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