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Creature Feature | Pooch of the Week: Mossi & Nysa

Feeling ruff? Every week we feature a pet profile to bring a cheer to your day—and this week, we’re going for a pooch. We’ve chosen Mossi and Nysa, two miniature dachshunds hailed from Australia, and now based in Hong Kong.


Name: Mossi & Nysa | Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Image courtesy of Tarsia Collin-Smyth

Mossi and Nysa were brought in from Australia and before moving to Hong Kong and falling in love with the city and lifestyle. They are constantly being taken out on adventures, from beautiful nature trails to beaches in Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of Tarsia Collin-Smyth

The pooches love to run along the beach together as a celebration of excitement from being in the sand and shore. Their Dad is a pilot who loves to fly, so the names reflect that. Mossi’s name means heavenly or above the clouds in Finnish. Nysa is named after the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars which suits her perfectly as she is a dreamer.


Image courtesy of Tarsia Collin-Smyth

The pooches live in Kennedy Town and can often be found having walks along the waterfront with their Mum. Their favourite time of the year is autumn, when it cools down so they tend to head out a bit further to do the walks.

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