Creature Feature: White Coffee Cat

Want a bit of paw-sitivity? Every week we feature a pet profile to bring a cheer to your day—and this week, we’re going for a feline friend. We’ve chosen an Instagram-famous starlet, White Coffee Cat, a handsome, blue-eyed cancer-surviving cat.

Name: Coffee | Birthday: December 18th 2014 | Breed: British Shorthair

Taking Instagram by a storm, fluffy white, blue-eyed Coffee is known for his suave yet shy personality. The British Shorthair cat has two million fans who keep up with his journey—and he’s a lot stronger than you probably guessed. Coffee is a cancer survivor and has been in remission for over four years. Diagnosed with kidney lymphoma as a one year old, little Coffee went through 25 weeks of harsh chemotherapy. The champ survived and overcame the disease, coming out healthier and happier than ever.

Coffee’s Story

Adopted by Pookie and her sister, Ping, Coffee was only five months old when he joined the family. Coffee’s sister, Nala, also knew about the heartbreaking news of the cancer, and helped him through every step of the way.