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Dubai Bling: Loujain Adada's Complicated Love History, Explained


Loujain Adada's journey into the realm of love seems to have been marked by profound highs and lows due to the nature of her life experiences. Her first encounter with marriage involved her having to navigate the challenging waters of grief due to her late husband's battle with cancer. For six years, she wore the title of a widower, with his death casting a shadow over her life and her role as a single mother. However, Loujain’s entrance to Dubai Bling presents her attempt to bounce back from these tragic events and seek a fresh start in her life. 

Despite starting off season one with a tension-filled blind date between Ebraheem Al Samadi, which unfortunately ended disastrously, the narrative of Loujain’s romance life later takes an unexpected turn. Just four days before the season's release, her relationship with Hasnain Lehri was made public. Famous for his work in the fashion industry, the social media post made by Lehri on his Instagram profile proudly proclaimed his affection for Loujain, stating “I thought fairy tales would never come true until I met my princess”. 

As the second season unfolded, viewers became more exposed to the complex and intimate components of Loujain and Hasnain's relationship. Hasnain's gentle demeanour and proud support for Loujain’s career aspirations, as well as his presence at DJ Bliss’s concert where she was the enchanting star of the show, proves his deep infatuation for her.  

However, amidst their challenging long-distance arrangement, Loujain laid bare her emotional vulnerabilities that were causing traction between the two.

In episode seven of season two, she confesses how her inability to remain open and committed is rooted in her past pain. “I’ve been scarred with the loss of my husband, and also not being with my mum”, she states, “and this has made me a complex person”. Despite the friction this caused during their interactions, the prospect of their relationship evolving remains high due to Loujain’s apprehensive yet mutual affection for Lehri.  The happy reunion with her mother at the end of season 2 also created a silver lining within Loujain's life and allowed her to finally focus on rekindling long-lost familial ties and embrace openheartedness.

Stunning the cast of Dubai Bling, the ending of season two witnessed Hasnain Lehri going down on one knee in a group event and proposing to Loujain. As we all eagerly await the production of the next season, the prospect of their blossoming relationship developing and the possibility of Lehri in fact being the perfect healing balm for Loujain’s relationship anxiety leaves viewers buzzing with excitement. Whether or not this will be a major milestone in Loujain’s personal life remains obscure. As Loujain says herself on the matter, “Only time can tell”.


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