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English Countryside Manor: The Comforter at LUSH Hong Kong

Taking you away from the crowded bustle of the city, multi-story LUSH Soho Square is situated within the heart of Central, yet steers far from any stress. The store covers two floors selling the label’s signature natural bath bombs, skincare, haircare and more. We visited the secluded spa located up the elevator—a world apart from any typical spas you might expect—to try The Comforter treatment.


In the core of the city, LUSH Spa is conveniently located in Lyndhurst Terrace in Soho, Central in Hong Kong with easy access to nearby stores and restaurants. Leave behind any negative thoughts upon entering this pampering haven—whether you’re shopping through the two-floor LUSH skincare and cosmetics or in the tranquil spa.

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English Countryside Farmhouse

LUSH was initially founded upon the celebration of the English countryside and its sweet “homey” connotations. Enter the spa and find just that—a cosy, farmhouse-themed, tranquil setting, decorated with teapots, paintings and wooden furniture with the faintest sound of birds chirping in the background. The ambient atmosphere here makes it feel far from Hong Kong, and instead like you’ve arrived in a hidden oasis that feels so down-to-earth—from the open kitchen to the country bathroom. Feel a sense of nostalgia in this English cottage spa for a treatment that feels close to home and the heart. The three-story spa has a kitchen, bathroom with a shower and several treatment rooms including a couples’/doubles’ room.

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers


Every treatment at LUSH Spa hosts multi-sensory experiences, from sight, sound and smell to the indulgent massage strokes synced with the designated music. I tried The Comforter therapy—a 60-minute hot chocolate scrub and rose mask body massage to polish and relax. All of the products are ethically-sourced, animal-cruelty free, use little or no preservatives and minimal packaging to support LUSH’s eco-conscience.

The Comforter treatment is an indulgent chocolate scrub massage for a relaxing exfoliation. My therapist was Gita, a lovely lady who catered to any questions and took me on a tour around the property to get a better understanding of the background and sustainable ethos of LUSH. The experience began in the farmhouse-style pantry featuring a recycled-wood table where I had my consultation and introduction to the spa and therapy. After a cup of fruit-infused water, I was led to the treatment room—a glowing room of star-scattered ceiling and transcendent sounds. Laying on a heated bed and gazing over the bed of stars above, I was ready to start the treatment with the ring of a bell. The 60-minute massage begun with an exfoliating chocolate scrub made from cacao powder and fresh papaya extract—a warm and cosy remedy to accompany the rolling movements and deep, soothing kneading on my muscles. The tamarind concentrate in the mixture was to help renew and moisturise my skin—much needed in the dry winter months. Following on, I was massaged with nourishing rose body serum using gentle pressure, synchronising with the background lullabies. At the end of the treatment, I drank a cotton-candy mocktail in the kitchen to complete the bubbly energy I felt after.

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Personalised Music

Every soundtrack at LUSH Spa is personalised and composed in the UK towards each specific treatment. The Comforter’s music was a cheerful assortment of childhood memories, bringing in high notes throughout to leave a spring in your steps which fits in perfectly with the happy tunes. I felt transported to a warm, fuzzy memory of being a child again—think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Close to You (The Carpenters) in a galaxy-like remix.


Throughout the treatment—from the dreamy, star-lit room to the soft, nostalgic tunes—I felt completely at ease and far from any stress or negativity. The soundtrack brought back memories of childhood and boosted my mood and energy whilst feeling relaxed with the comforting massage. It was incredibly thorough and exfoliating and nourishing towards my body for any post-work aching.

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

One of the highlights is definitely the unique spa theme—I really cherished the English countryside farmhouse reminiscence and it gave the illusion of being secluded far from the city, yet is conveniently in the centre of town. The service was exceptional and so accommodating—Gita was very friendly and ensured all questions I had were answered and needs were fulfilled. I was given two LUSH products at the end—the ”Dream Time” and “Whoosh” temple balm— to take away too which was delightful and extends my spa remedies to home-based nourishing.

More Info: hk.lush.com/products/treatments/comforter

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Address: 2/F-4/F, Soho Square, 21 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

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Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 12:00 – 21:00