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Inside Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Safari Camp, Where Nature Meets Luxury in Western Australia – Review

All images courtesy of Sal Salis.


Venture to Western Australia, approximately 1,200 kilometres north of Perth along the East Indian Ocean–and you meet the Ningaloo Coral Coast, the world’s largest fringing reef known as Ningaloo. A World Heritage Site, diverse underwater scenes are mere metres from shore. Believe it or not, beachfront accommodation is the best way to soak up this luxury; not a hotel, but a private glamping tent, hovering off the sand dunes at Sal Salis, a unique eco-luxury safari camp where days are spent underwater and nights under stars. Just as nature intended.

An Eco Ethos

Right down to earth, Sal Salis is committed to protecting the astounding beauty of Ningaloo’s Coral Coast and Cape Range Peninsula. The camp’s eco-ethos is embedded in every detail from herb-enriched toiletries to solar-powered lanterns lighting up the boardwalk at night, leaving the sun to serve up gradient hues in the day. Return after a jam-packed day to organic linen sheets where a peaceful slumber transpires.


An all-inclusive escape, you’re permitted to soak up the Ningaloo experience in full form; be it via kayak, stand-up paddleboard, snorkelling–you name it. All of which are covered in your stay. 16 spacious and understated ‘Wilderness’ tents camouflage against a vastly stark landscape, each with a private deck and hammock where you’re forced to bury your head in a book, only pausing to count your friendly neighbourhood kangaroos. Option to milk the privacy even further in a nearby ‘honeymoon’ tent, designed for those seeking a secluded and intimate love nest (including an extra hammock). Elopement anyone? Sal Salis celebrates the eschew of all technology with a strict no wi-fi policy, leaving you feeling present with sunrise hikes, afternoon siestas and five-star dining menus. Here, restoration knows no bounds.

Food & Drink

When it comes to meal times, the scene and setting at Sal Salis is without a doubt a premier destination for food and beverage. Western Australian wine is in unlimited supply with Margaret River wine country just south of the state. For the food, a ravishing menu selection of outback-inspired and sea-to-plate delicacies settle ravenous tastebuds. Get together with your neighbours at The Lodge to forge friendships while you crack open a bottle and prattle about the spectacular day that was had. Before supper is served, the recently refurbished lantern-lit communal lodge is a desirable place to connect with new acquaintances and delight in some canapes. After dinner, it’s out to the deck to cosy up beneath the Milky Way where tales are told and a splendid campfire scene awaits.


With Sal Salis positioned between Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Coral Coast, you won’t fall short of planning the ultimate activity guide. Whichever adventure you choose, a sweet departure from reality calls.

Whale Shark Swimming

Jump straight off the boat and into bucket-list territory, where humans and whale sharks meet and greet. The world’s largest fish, these majestic creatures pay a unique visit to Ningaloo Reef as they migrate from mid-March to August. Up to 12 meters long, these gentle giants have a roaring appetite…for plankton and krill. You’re also free to snorkel at the back of the reef amongst turtles, dolphins, dugongs, rays and sea birds. Your job; revel in the rarity. 


At Sal Salis, snorkelling naturally becomes your new best hobby. Unlike the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo’s reef is within swimming distance, so no charter is necessary. Here is the breeding ground for green turtles amongst other fascinating creatures. For those novices, need not search far for a friendly staff member to refresh your skills with some tips or beginner lessons. If you’re a pro, guided kayak snorkelling is an extra sweetener if you want to cover deep lagoons where extra members of the biosphere are ready to say hi. 

Guides Gorge Walks

Ningaloo’s World Heritage National Park pervades at the back of the camp and beckons you to set foot on its rocky desert tracks. Different to your local beaten track back home, veer off on a guided hike and enter limestone territory where gigantic formations shape the peninsula. Meander through ranges and gorges bathed in history and Dreamtime mythology; with 32,000-year-old shells scattered across the vast terrain, you’ll find yourself in the beating heart of Australia (it’s worth the early wake-up). 


If swimming’s not your strong suit, delve in with a harmless kayak and oar as you part the crystalline Ningaloo waters. The sun descending below an oceanic plane–is certainly prime time–cruising along while gaining a different perspective of the world beneath. Kayak between August and October for a glimpse of the mesmerising humpback whale, the ultimate pinch-me moment.

Address: Yardie Creek Rd, Cape Range National Park WA 6707 | Website: | Phone: 08 9949 1776 | Email: | Instagram: @salsalisningaloo | Facebook: Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef


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