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Light Up Your Home with These Plants, Delivered Directly to Your Doorstep

It goes without saying, that every households needs an assortment of plants to make it truly feel like home. There are so many benefits to owning plants—from the air-purifying properties to the attractive appearances. Here we have the best plant delivery services in Hong Kong, to bring plants directly to your doorstep.

Keren’s Garden

Open seven days a week, Keren’s Garden never fails to impress with its vast selection of well-kept plants. The garden and plant nursery delivers beautiful, mature, and healthy plants, whilst ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their order. Keren’s Garden sends information on how to take care of the chosen plant, including watering, lighting, and the best places to put the plant. Delivery is a one-off cost at HK$180 and there is no limit on the number of plants within the delivery cost. Shop online to find your perfect plants—we love the air-purifying, NASA-recommended Spider Plant, Snake Plant, and Peace Lily.

Shop here or contact on WhatsApp at +852 9668 7736

Image courtesy of Fleur HK

Fleur Hong Kong

With a positive mantra to 'make the world a more beautiful place’, Fleur Hong Kong believes that every plant and flower is a work of art. The florists at Fleur are friendly and attentive, and with the quick-and-easy online platform, it’s easier than ever to make your order. We love the Mini Succulent Trio and the Ponytail Plant.

Image courtesy of Flora Houses

Flora Houses

Featuring a vast array of plants, from medium indoor leafys, to drought-tolerant variations, Flora Houses caters to all. To order a product, go to your desired plant, pick a size, then the colour of the pot (or no pot at all). Place it in the cart, and you’re ready to go—see you at home.

Image courtesy of GardenPlus


Located on Lantau Island, GardenPlus’ plants are homegrown at the founders’ own gardens. The brand believes in encouraging Hong Kong outdoor life, and have successfully served hundred of gardeners and households in Hong Kong, by providing products from soil, local plants, outdoor furnitures, to garden accessories as well as gardening and outdoor accessories installation service. The online shop provides everything you need for gardening, and planting your new baby.


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