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Lingerie in Hong Kong: Avec Amour


Lingerie is as much about comfort as it is about exploration. It should be about having fun in finding something that caresses your body nicely and empowers your mind. And it shouldn’t be limited to just one or two pieces as it's an endless journey of excitement. Luckily, Avec Amour is the perfect place that has it all, and more.

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

Avec Amour is an online lingerie boutique made for all women. Founded in 2011, the multi-brand platform allows women to explore and embrace their sexiness and confidence through exquisite lingerie collections. Avec Amour intricately selects an array of luxurious lingerie brands to present a world of beautiful, unique and comfortable pieces. Aside from bringing elegance into the scene, many of the pieces are actually from international labels that are not available in any local shops yet! From celebrated lingerie labels Bluebella, Maison Close to high fashion Agent Provocateur and Bordelle, you are guaranteed to find something you are familiar with, as well as something you are intrigued by.

The online lingerie boutique is also perfect for those who are perhaps a little shy to shop at physical stores with many passersby and store assistants, especially when you feel like trying a new style. For something with such privacy and intimacy, Avec Amour is all online! The brand is readily available on your device for you to dive into your exploration in a sea of lingerie.

It is also not just about the famous brands and the names, Avec Amour delivers its message with breathtaking design aesthetics and high-quality materials. All articles are selected ‘with love’ for you and to cater to your love!



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