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Luxe Everyday Staples From Parallel 51, Founded By Rebecca Ling

Day-to-night outfits are the best way to plan after-office transitions and luckily for ladies, today we have a lot more options when it comes to workwear. Finding something chic that works for both casual and formal events can be difficult though, and sometimes, it's easier to go with the basics. Parallel 51 fills this gap of stylish separates that exude timeless appeal and can sport both a professional and fun look when you're on the go. We speak with the founder Rebecca Ling on her inspirations and why this sustainable brand is part of the future of fashion.

Could you tell us about yourself and how you started Parallel 51?

I was born and raised in London and I am currently working in Hong Kong as a lawyer. I founded Parallel 51 a little over a year ago. I started Parallel 51 as I felt there weren’t enough brands that designed clothing versatile enough to move with my lifestyle. I wanted to design everyday wardrobe essentials that could be styled for work or play, instead of having “work clothes” and “weekend clothes”. This idea also helped shape one of the brand’s key mission statements which is to encourage capsule dressing and a sustainable approach to fashion.

What makes your brand unique?

Parallel 51 is unique because the collection has truly been designed with everyday life in mind – we are a lifestyle brand. Brands often tend to focus either on casual wear or on workwear, but the reality is we need clothes that can switch from one to the other on the same day. We have found that versatility is key to achieving that and it is the focal point of all our designs. Our aim is to encourage functional fashion over fast fashion – think more styling, less buying. The simple, timeless styles easily complement what is already in your wardrobe or work as a free-standing collection if you are in need of an overhaul. We’ve designed a collection that works wherever you are, without compromising on personal style or comfort.

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What are your current bestsellers?

Our top 5 bestsellers are the Lexi Trousers, Marnie Skirt, Kara Bodysuit, Alexa Wrap Top and Emelie Dress. These are all great capsule wardrobe pieces.

Who is Parallel 51 aimed at?

Parallel 51 is aimed at anyone that lives a varied lifestyle and wants a wardrobe that can keep up! We don’t believe in compromising on style or comfort – and our collection reflects that. Our focus is on stress-free styling and designs that can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks for any occasion. Our collection is intentionally neutral with simple designs that you can add your own personal style to.

parallel 51

What's the story behind the name?

Even though Parallel 51 was launched only a year ago, it has been in the making for many years from when I first started working as a trainee lawyer in London. London is in the 51st parallel (latitude 51) so the name reflects that the original inspiration for Parallel 51 started in London, even though the brand is now international.

parallel 51

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

I get inspiration from my friends and my own daily life – this is the best source of inspiration as it means the styles truly work for real life women living their everyday lives. What I hear time and time again is that people struggle to find good, everyday basics and that’s a gap we wanted to fill for people.

parallel 51

What's the future of fashion, from your perspective?

Sustainable brands! Capsule dressing, moving away from fast fashion and constant trend-chasing. Sustainability is becoming more and more prominent and I think this is essential in the fashion industry. This doesn’t mean having to compromise on style but I think people are realising that a more conscious approach to fashion can go a long way.

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All images courtesy of Parallel 51.


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