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Mano Mayfair: a Brazilian-Japanese Restaurant by Chef Luciana Berry


Mayfair is the destination for decadent dining in dress-to-impress hotspots. Mano Mayfair is a Brazilian-Japanese restaurant, set off Regent Street worth making a trip for.

Mano Mayfair bar seatings | Courtesy of CSP Times

Chef Luciana Berry takes the reigns at Mano, having recently nabbed the "Top Chef Brazil 2020" title after being named a semi-finalist in the BBC series Masterchef: The Professionals. The São Paulo-born chef impresses with a touch of Japanese Nikkei culinary essence.

We were recommended an off-menu tasting course upon arrival featuring three bite-sized starters, a mixed sushi platter and a succulent meat plate, though most of them are available to order individually off the a-la-carte menu.

Mano Mayfair
Bacalhau and cocktails | Courtesy of CSP Times

We started with two drinks from the cocktail menu, followed by three starters. The Tokyo Mule was particularly outstanding – tropical blueberries and ginger beer and lime mixed with Nikka from the barrel. There was an interesting blend of fruitiness from the berries and smokiness from the whiskey. We had the Bacalhau, a crispy yet creamy cod croquette deep-fried to golden, with a kick of chilli.

Atum Marinado and Mandioca Frita | Courtesy of CSP Times

Next up, we had the Atun Marinado – tuna tartare with beer and sesame served in crackers, and the Mandioca Frita – thick-cut cassava chips drizzled in Japanese wasabi mayo. The refreshing combination made a great start to the meal.

Mano Mayfair
Salmon and tuna platter | Courtesy of CSP Times

The crowd-pleasing tuna and salmon platter was, needless to say, pure enjoyment for sushi lovers like ourselves. The tuna and salmon sushi was served with tobiko caviar (or flying fish roes).

Mano Mayfair
Picanha | Courtesy of CSP Times

The gluten-free Picanha was our favourite, served sizzling hot upon arrival. Together with chilli salsa and farofa, the Yakiniku sauce steak is a succulent choice for meat lovers.

If you are in search of a fresh take on Latin-Japnese fusion with cocktails and an intimate yet glamourous St Tropez-themed party feeling, Mano Mayfair is the place to be. Drop by from Thursday through the weekend for amazing DJ tracks for a swanky night out in the heart of London.

Mano Mayfair, 4 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4BS, United Kingdom, +44 20 7439 9100


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