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Marshall Woburn III Review: A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker That Takes Home Listening to New Highs


For over 60 years, Marshall has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to music and sound. The brand's constant drive for improvements and innovation is what founded its esteemed position in the auditory industry today.

For those music enthusiasts at home seeking a blend of vintage charm and cutting-edge technology in a speaker, the Marshall Woburn III is the one to obtain. As a classic yet contemporary addition to the Home Line III of impressive products, Woburn III delivers an unparalleled experience that will capture any ears and souls.


Similar to its predecessor Woburn II, Woburn III is a signature of the brand's design and aesthetics. Paying homage to Marshall's rock 'n' roll heritage, the speaker boasts a retro-inspired cabinet adorned with its timeless and iconic logo. The classic brass accents elevate the majestic presence of the speaker and make it a true statement piece in any living space.


Behind its vintage facade lies the powerhouse of sound. Re-engineered with a new three-way driver system, the WOBURN III delivers an impressive performance of live music. The dynamic range is exceptionally wide offering a frequency range of 35–20,000 Hz and dynamic loudness that adjusts the tonal balance. Whether you're listening to your favourite classical orchestra performance or streaming your comfort TV series, the Woburn III delivers a rich, immersive experience unlike no other.

Bluetooth & Wired Connectivity

Contrasting to its classic exterior, the Woburn III doesn't compromise on modern-day convenience. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, it effortlessly pairs with your devices, granting you the leisure to control the music from across the room. The speaker also features an RCA input, a 3.5 mm auxiliary input, and an HDMI input, ensuring compatibility with various audio sources for your ultimate comfort experience.

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