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Meet The Chef Behind Bagatelle London & Bagatelle Group, Rocco Seminara


Step into the world of Bagatelle London, a Mayfair gem presented by the esteemed Bagatelle Group, renowned for bringing the vibrant spirit of French joie de vivre into its global destinations. Guided by the culinary expertise of Corporate Chef Rocco Seminara, whose impressive resume includes Hôtel Martinez in Cannes with Christian Willer and Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo alongside Alain Ducasse, Bagatelle London delivers an authentic French Mediterranean dining experience to its cosmopolitan audience.

Its London venue, under the skilled hands of Executive Chef François-Laurent Apchié, pays homage to the brand's roots, introducing a menu that serves as a love letter to French Mediterranean cuisine. This gastronomic dining blends authenticity and creativity, flavours and textures, embodying the dynamic personality that defines Bagatelle and Chef Seminara's culinary mastery. Here, we meet the chef behind it all, Chef Seminara, to discuss his story and craft at the celebrated Bagatelle Group.

1. How would you describe your cooking philosophy?

My philosophy of cuisine fundamentally rests on two pillars: the quality of ingredients and the respect for flavors. For me, it is essential that the products we source are the best ingredients for each dish, and by preparing them in a way that highlights their natural characteristics. I aim to convey this vision so that each bite evokes memories and emotions, making every meal a sensory journey for diners.

"My philosophy of cuisine fundamentally rests on two pillars: the quality of ingredients and the respect for flavors."

Rocco Seminara, Corporate Chef of Bagatelle Group

2. What do you hope to bring to the bustling culinary scene of London?

On the London culinary scene, I aspire to offer a truly unique gastronomic experience. My goal is to provide authentic cuisine firmly rooted in seasonality. I enjoy playing with flavors, exploring new taste horizons, all while maintaining exceptional service in a friendly setting. London is an incredibly diverse city when it comes to food, and I hope to contribute to this richness by bringing my own culinary universe.

3. As the Bagatelle Group’s Corporate Chef, what does Bagatelle London mean to you?

As the head of Bagatelle Group, Bagatelle London represents an exciting opportunity for me. It's a place where I can add a new dimension to our international vision. In London, we welcome clients from around the world, at least one week a year. To me, Bagatelle London represents a balance between refined cuisine and a convivial atmosphere. Our clients should have an unforgettable experience, both by savoring our dishes and by feeling at home.

4. What advice would you give to yourself at the start of your culinary journey?

A piece of advice I would give to young chefs at the beginning of their career is never to stop being curious. Learn the basics of cooking thoroughly, but do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Explore different cuisines worldwide, discover new cultures. Creativity is essential, but it must be rooted in a solid foundation of skills.

"A piece of advice I would give to young chefs at the beginning of their career is never to stop being curious."

Rocco Seminara, Corporate Chef of Bagatelle Group

5. How would you describe your work ethic?

My work ethic is based on rigor and an unwavering commitment to the team I lead. I put all my energy into constantly pushing my limits and maintaining high standards in everything I undertake. It's primarily a team effort, and I strive to motivate and guide my teams to achieve the same goal.

6. How would you describe a dining scene at Bagatelle London?

A dining scene at Bagatelle London is a one-of-a-kind experience. It's a place where clients can not only savor our culinary offering but also enjoy tableside service sequences to create unforgettable memories with friends and family. Conviviality is at the heart of the experience, and every meal is a moment of pleasure and sharing.


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Address: Bagatelle London 34 Dover St London W1S 4NG United Kingdom | Website: | Phone: +44 20 3972 7000 | Email: | Instagram: @bagatellelondon | Facebook: @Bagatelle London


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