Optimal Performance Meal Delivery Plan From Eatology

Hong Kong is a busy city—but that’s no secret. Being constantly bombarded and busy with social plans and work commitments, it’s easy to get caught up in bad eating habits. With the rise in demand for healthy meal deliveries, many companies have taken note and launched premium services to cater for a happy heart. Eatology follows suit, a Hong Kong-based meal planner which provides tailor-made meal programmes delivered directly to your door. Cha Siu Papers Times’ Faye Bradley tried the one-week Optimal Performance meal plan.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping

About Eatology

Eatology offers professionally-prepared meals designed by renowned chefs, tested by dietitians, and freshly cooked everyday. Each recipe is wholesome and uses nutrient-dense ingredients to achieve your goal—whether it be to lose weight, boost energy, or just generally staying healthy. There are ten diets to choose from for your meal plan: