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Optimal Performance Meal Delivery Plan From Eatology

Hong Kong is a busy city—but that’s no secret. Being constantly bombarded and busy with social plans and work commitments, it’s easy to get caught up in bad eating habits. With the rise in demand for healthy meal deliveries, many companies have taken note and launched premium services to cater for a happy heart. Eatology follows suit, a Hong Kong-based meal planner which provides tailor-made meal programmes delivered directly to your door. CSP Times’ Faye Bradley tried the one-week Optimal Performance meal plan.

About Eatology

Eatology offers professionally-prepared meals designed by renowned chefs, tested by dietitians, and freshly cooked everyday. Each recipe is wholesome and uses nutrient-dense ingredients to achieve your goal—whether it be to lose weight, boost energy, or just generally staying healthy. There are ten diets to choose from for your meal plan:

  1. Asian

  2. Balanced Living

  3. F45 Challenge

  4. Gluten Free Low Carb

  5. Ketogenic Diet Light

  6. Lighter Delights

  7. Optimal Performance

  8. Paleo

  9. Vegan

  10. Vegetarian

The Optimal Performance Plan

We tried the Optimal Performance plan for a week (five working days), a plan designed for those leading an active lifestyle, who are committed to fitness, gym, sports and training. The programme provides a higher calorie intake and protein meals to build muscle, boost energy and cut body fat. We chose full-day meals for the programme. Every day, the food was hand-delivered and came in a reusable cool bag (which we returned at the end of the meal plan) and a paper menu with nutritional information on carbs, protein and fat percentage for each meal.

Day One

  1. Breakfast: Kri Kri Greek Yogurt 10%, Basil Tomato Organic Scrambled Eggs, Apricot and Hazelnut Granola (614 calories, 31.06g carbs, 29.51g protein, 41.32g fat)

  2. 1st Snack: Fruit Salad (106 calories, 24.32g carbs, 1.19g protein, 0.42g fat)

  3. Lunch: Organic Chicken and Vegetable Tajine, Jadiniere (431 calories, 31.71g carbs, 52.34g protein, 10.49g fat)

  4. 2nd Snack: Croque Monsieur Turkey (433 calories, 31.63g carbs, 33.98g protein, 18.91g fat)

  5. Dinner: Red Snapper with Tropical Salsa, Roasted Pepper and Herb Organic Quinoa ((585 calories, 65.35g carbs, 56.06g protein, 11.06g fat)

Total calories: 2168

Comments: the lunch was refreshing and crisp and there was a lot of variety in the meal selection.

Day Two

  1. Breakfast: Cheese Organic Omelet, Sautéed Mushrooms, Fruit Salad (547 calories, 42.18g carbs, 42.1g protein, 20.41g fat)

  2. 1st Snack: Salmon and Organic Quinoa Ball (183 calories, 11.25g carbs, 14.81g protein, 8.76g fat)

  3. Lunch: Wild Cod with Roasted Tomato and Almond Coulis, Carrot Puree (505 calories, 25.85g carbs, 66.15g protein, 15.22g fat)

  4. 2nd Snack: Whole Wheat Blueberry Banana Bread (303 calories, 48.89g carbs, 6.88g protein, 8.93g fat)

  5. Dinner: Grass-fed Beef and Cumin, Chinese Eggplant and Garlic Sauce, Coconut Steamed Rice (701 calories, 65.38g carbs, 42.12g protein, 30.59g fat)

Total calories: 2240

Comments: the banana bread was a bit dry but the breakfast was a great start to the day and energised me for the morning gym workout.


Day Three

  1. Breakfast: Honey, Wholewheat Mix Berries Pancake (674 calories, 111.85g carbs, 20.76g protein, 15.98g fat)

  2. 1st Snack: Canned Tuna, Mediterranean Organic Quinoa Salad (317 calories, 26.72g carbs, 24.94g protein, 12.21g fat)

  3. Lunch: Poached Organic Chicken Curry, Roasted Cauliflower with Garlic and Lime (503 calories, 21.81g carbs, 49.45g protein, 24.18g fat)

  4. 2nd Snack: Apricot Cashew Balls (258 calories, 24.42g carbs, 3.9g protein, 16.03g fat)

  5. Dinner: Steamed Halibut with Tamari, Creamy Spinach (442 calories, 15.77g carbs, 50.41g protein, 19.72g fat)

Total calories: 2193

Comments: the apricot cashew balls were a nice sweet treat and the chicken curry with the cauliflower tasted delicious.

Day Four

  1. Breakfast: Scrambled Organic Eggs and Avocado, Passionfruit Oatmeal (521 calories, 59.16g carbs, 23.65g protein, 21.1g fat)

  2. 1st Snack: Greek Salad (217 calories, 14.18g carbs, 5.25g protein, 5.44g fat)

  3. Lunch: Marinara, Organic Porcini with Buckwheat, Italian Grass-fed Beef Meatballs (762 calories, 46.1g carbs, 47.01g protein, 43.23g fat)

  4. 2nd Snack: Fruit Salad (138 calories, 22.83g carbs, 2.28g protein, 0.38g fat)

  5. Dinner: Herb Citrus Roasted Organic Chicken, Stir-fried Vegetables (593 calories, 34.76g carbs, 79.88g protein, 15.02g fat)

Total calories: 2229

Comments: the organic porcini lunch was hefty and kept me full all day, even though the portion size wasn’t overwhelming. The fruits were difficult to keep fresh so I made a smoothie with them instead.

Day Five

  1. Breakfast: Turkey Organic Omelet, Herb Roasted Carrots, Potatoes and Green Beans (505 calories, 27.65g carbs, 57.99g protein, 18.08g fat)

  2. 1st Snack: Cucumber roll Ups (155 calories, 15.63g carbs, 6.7g protein, 7.29g fat)

  3. Lunch: Bourguignon Grass-fed Beef, Vichy Carrots (639 calories, 33.95g carbs, 64.81g protein, 27.15g fat)

  4. 2nd Snack: Fruit Salad (138 calories, 22.83g carbs, 2.28g protein, 0.38g fat)

  5. Dinner: Thai Organic Stir-fry, Pineapple fried Rice (820 calories, 93.2g carbs, 49.69g protein, 27.66g fat)

Total calories: 2216


The meal plan from Eatology was very goal-oriented and wasn’t too carb-heavy. Having a full day’s meal planned out for me was very convenient and each dish was healthy and included all the essential nutrients and protein based on an exercising regime.

From now until July 31st, simply enter “BTW2020” to enjoy $100 off for your first meal order.


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