• Faye Bradley

Oxygen Facials at Hong Kong’s Oldest Spa: Spa Beauté Par Zai

Step into a timelapse of antiques and heritage furniture at Spa Beauté Par Zai, an award-winning pampering haven situated in the heart of Central. Deemed as the oldest spa in Hong Kong (first opening its doors in 1975), visitors are invited to indulge in the natural remedies and treatments. We tried the Oxygen Facial for a rejuvenating post-work session.

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Hong Kong’s Oldest Spa

Owner of Spa Beauté Par Zai Nigar Qureshi is an award-winning aesthetician, skin-care cosmetologist and make-up artist adored by celebrities and beauty pageant contestants alike. The spa attracts many long-time customers who live nearby or conveniently work nearby in the centre of Hong Kong’s financial district. Treatments at Spa Beauté include facials, aromatherapy, waxing, reflexology, makeup, manicures and pedicures, henna and hairstyling to name a few—the salon offers a diverse selection of beauty treatments for all ages.

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The Treatment

After being greeted by the lovely, friendly staff, I was given an initial consultation for my skin type and most suitable treatment, followed by an overview of the spa facilities and its fascinating history. A calming aroma filled the air for an aromatherapeutic feeling—a scent that was made and mastered by the owner herself.

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The treatment room was a private, calming space and I was gifted with a personalised note and rose before starting the spa therapy which was a sweet touch to the experience. It started with microdermabrasion to smoothen skin and detox the surface of pores, with a cleansing blackhead removal shortly after.

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In Hong Kong, citizens are constantly bombarded with high pollution levels and toxins to the skin. Spa Beauté Par Zai’s Oxygen Hydration restores these impurities with a healthy concentration of the agent to keep skin happy and healthy. This was a really hydrating and fulfilling experience and felt relieving from negative substances we encounter in the air, particularly in the city. Next, the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) was used for clearing blemishes and scars, and lastly, the moisturising face mask which was accommodated with a head and shoulder massage.

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The Aftermath

I left feeling completely rejuvenated and hydrated with the benefits of oxygen restoration and removal of imperfections on my skin. The private consultation meant that the treatment was curated for my skin type (which is sensitive) to ensure optimum results. My skin was already feeling smoother and clearer from before entering the salon—a moisturising, rejuvenating treatment for those on the run in the city.

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

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