Personalised Facials at Eco-Spa Moksa Slow Beauty

Nestled in the heart of Soho, Central, lies Moksa Slow Beauty, an eco-friendly wellness haven for those looking for a natural pamper. The spa (and juice bar!) offers a range of treatments from mani-pedis to eyelash extensions, all curated with a sustainable conscience. We visited Moksa to try the personalised facial for a relaxing weekend indulgence.


Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times


Located at the bottom of Soho (you’ll see it after coming up the escalators from Queen’s Road), it’s hard to miss the spa peeking through the glass, as you’re arriving into the populous foodies’ haven among Hong Kong’s financial district. The Spa Moksa Slow Beauty—Moksa meaning “Emancipation, Liberation and Release” in Buddhism and Hinduism—emphasises its sustainable philosophy through its clean products, ethical slow beauty processes, and environmental consciousness. The luxury spa has been opened for one year now, and features a Natural Nail Bar, Detox Juice Bar and Natural Beauty Bar, including an assortment of local brands with the same eco principles.