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Spruce Up Your Home with These Unique Home Décor

Although there is an abundance of wonderful one-stop home and furniture stores for staples, sometimes, having a unique piece that can’t be found elsewhere makes a real conversation starter. With Autumn around the corner, a seasonal update in homeware is in order—and what better way to showcase it than with some unique, yet timeless, home décor? Here are some of our favourites.

Image courtesy of Staunton & Henry

Staunton & Henry: Marble Serving Tray with Gold Handles (HK$199)

Image courtesy of Galaxy Lamps

Galaxy Lamps: Floating Moon Lamp (US$149.99)

Image courtesy of Amara

Amara: Agate Slice Object – Blue (HK$883)

Image courtesy of Galaxy Lamps

Galaxy Lamps: Night Light Galaxy Projector™ (US$69.99)

Indigo Living: Pom Pom Terrarium (HK$399)

Image courtesy of Homeless HK

Homeless HK: Umbra Hub side table with Storage and Cable Management (HK$799)


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