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The Best Cookies & Cinnamon Buns in Hong Kong

Cookies and cinnamon buns are the ultimate guilty pleasure. Here are the best places to get them.

Charity fundraising cookies: Cookie Smiles

There’s an amazing incentive behind Cookie Smiles, a company founded by Agnes Chin (the director of Complete Deelite) and Joo Soo-Tang, an NGO advisor, cooking aficionado, and loving mother of three. Cookie Smiles is an online fundraising platform designed to support the disadvantaged. Under the Edible Artists Global Academy Association (EAGAA), the brand helps support two chosen charities per year via fundraising (with delicious cookies), and offers training opportunities for the disadvantaged, and provides jobs for the physically impaired. Support the causes through Cookie Smiles, which fundraises the funds to donate to the respective charities. That’s something worth smiling about—plus, the cookies are delightful.

Cocktail & liqueur cookies: Yaas Cookies

As the first company in Hong Kong to make cocktail and liqueur cookies, Yaas Cookies hand-makes all the baked goods in Hong Kong. With special favourites ranging from the sweet popcorn to the cocktail lollipops, gourmands can also customise their order by getting in touch directly with the company. The perfect gift for a special occasion.

Fresh, gooey cinnamon buns & hot brews: Cinnabon

Originally from the US, Cinnabon serves delectable, delightful gooey goodness in all its glory. We’re talking about cinnamon buns, the scrumptious sweet dish which leaves all of us wanting more. Opening its doors in Hong Kong’s Olympic district, the store aims to bridge the gap between coffee and cinnamon buns—the owner wants people to recognise Cinnabon as a caffeine stop, too. Start your mornings with a hot mini bon, paired with a fresh cuppa—that’s what they specialise in, after all. Plus, the menu boasts a range of Cinnabon variations, including Mochalatta Chill and Cinnabon BonBites, to name a few.

Order via Deliveroo or visit in-store

Oookie Cookie

Oookie Cookie is a one-stop service for private events—offering everything from event planning and party decor, to designing party sweets to reflect your event theme. If you’re not planning to hire the venue, the brand also features a range of cakes, cookies, and pretzels to choose from.

All-American cookies & cinnamon buns: Cookie DPT

You’ve probably heard of the infamous Cookie DPT, which has made waves in the Hong Kong market. Known for its chunky, gooey cookie selection, the brand serves different flavours ranging from peanut butter to red velvet. Order yours in-store and they’ll heat it up for you fresh. The brand has just started serving cinnamon buns too—yes please.

Hong Kong flavours: PIN Cookies

Inspired by the creative flavours of Hong Kong, PIN Cookies features local tastes including XO sauce and red dates. It serves its cookies in beautiful packaging, making it a wonderful gift idea. With ingredients freshly sourced, each recipe uses the cleanest ingredients to ensure optimum freshness to its tasters.


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