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The Best Meal Deliveries in Hong Kong

Smash your fitness goals—without compromising taste—by subscribing to these healthy meal deliveries in Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of Boss Kitchen

Boss Kitchen

Backed with a nutrition-centric ethos, Boss Kitchen is built by fitness and nutrition professionals who previously underwent their own body transformations. The meals are freshly cooked and served to arrive straight at your doorstep. Whether you're looking to lose weight or simply to maintain a healthy diet, the meal delivery service has you covered. Menus change weekly and users can opt for vegetarian or non-vegetarian plans.

Image courtesy of NOSH


A household name for those in the know of the Hong Kong fitness scene, NOSH is one of the pioneers in healthy meal plans. Made for home and the office, the meal plan service delivers to your door in most regions in the city. There's an abundance of choices for diet plans including weight loss, muscle building, keto and veggie so take your pick. Menus change weekly and rest assured you're in good hands thanks to NOSH's use of hormone and GMO-free chicken, organic Peruvian quinoa, sustainable Norwegian salmon, grade A grass-fed beef and biodegradable packaging. If you don't have a particular goal in mind but just wanting to stay healthy, try NOSH Comfort for delicious 'comfort' food packed with nutrients.

Image courtesy of Eatology


Designed by renowned chefs and tested by dietitians, Eatology creates gourmet recipes using wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients packed with flavour and healthy ingredients. The meal delivery service helps you reach your goal, whether it be to lose weight, boost energy levels or simply stay healthy. Guests can choose a tailor-made programme that includes a free consultation with the in-house nutritionist to work out your optimum plan. Packaging is biodegradable.

Image courtesy of Food Folk

Food Folk

Food Folk's Healthy-To-Home plan offers healthy, chef-prepared dishes to nourish the mind and body. All plans are filled with sustainable proteins, healthy fats and wholegrains or can be powersized if you're looking to fit a more active lifestyle. Delivery comes three times a week and you can choose different combinations of breakfast, lunch and dinner—or all three.

Image courtesy of Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen

Founded by a team of personal trainers, Nutrition Kitchen offers various meal plans for different goals. Each meal shares its breakdown of calories and nutrients and you can choose your personal fitness goal whether it be to lose weight or build muscle. There are different sizes and low-carb options to fully personalise your experience.

Image courtesy of Spoonful

Spoonful by NOSH

Part of NOSH, Spoonful is an online ready to eat meal delivery service. Meals are delivered daily between 7:00am to 9:00am either at home or for the office. The guilt-free comfort food plans feature a lot of Asian dishes so if you're an avid eater of home-cooked specialties, this is the one for you.

Image courtesy of Gafell


Delivered frozen, Gafell isn't a meal delivery plan but offers a la carte options to store in the freezer and eat when you please. The meals deliver to your door and needs to be put straight into the freezer, with each meal showcasing a description of how to microwave it when you do come to eating it. There are many options to choose from, including vegan dishes, sauces, stews and more.


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