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JAG's Chef Jérémy Gillon On Healthy, Hearty Fine Dining – Interview


Vegetable-centric gastronomy is blooming as a dynamic culinary movement, redefining the essence of fine dining worldwide. More than just a healthier choice, it's an artistic celebration of fine produce. With innovative, flavour-rich dishes and artful presentations, this green gourmet trend invites both seasoned vegetable lovers and curious foodies to savour a world deeply rooted in environmental care.

Born in Deauville, France, Jeremy Gillon's culinary passion was watered early by his mother's vibrant cooking during large family gatherings. His career flourished like a well-tended garden, earning him Michelin Stars and prestigious positions, including notable stints at La Cour des Loges and Le Chabichou. In 2018, the chef and restaurateur Anant Tyagi planted the seeds of JAG—Jeremy Anant Gastronomy—in Singapore, nurturing a distinctive vegetable-focused culinary philosophy. Initially set in a quaint 16-seat venue on Duxton Road, JAG swiftly blossomed, garnering a Michelin star and maintaining this prestigious accolade for four years. In October 2023, JAG expanded its roots, relocating to a larger, nature-inspired setting at STPI Robertson Quay. Housed in a beautifully restored 19th-century warehouse, the new 40-seat venue mirrors a serene garden retreat, filled with natural light and artistic flourishes. Here, the duo continues to cultivate their "La Balade du Végétal" menu, or The Vegetable Journey, a celebration of the eclectic season changes in nature.

1. How would you describe your culinary philosophy?

My culinary philosophy, inspired by nature, stems from a fascination with the natural beauty and abundance of ingredients. From a young age, I trained under various exceptional chefs and mentors who exposed me to various culinary styles and philosophies, allowing me to discover my passion for highlighting nature’s flavours and gifts while crafting menus.

As a chef at Restaurant JAG, I delve intimately into each type of produce, employing innovative techniques with flair and precision to express multiple textures and iterations. The carefully selected proteins, sourced from ethical suppliers who share JAG's values, complete the dishes with a commitment to ethical cultivation and animal husbandry.

2. What do you love the most about Northwest France, and French cuisine?

I find beauty in the nature of my hometown, Normandy, and its vibrant local cuisine. The region, abundant with vegetables, meats, dairy and seafood, holds some of my fondest memories. The neighbouring regions of Brittany and Loire are tremendous beauties too. Besides the food of the region, they boast captivating scenery.

I love that even though French food has evolved over the decades, it has maintained its core values of impactful flavours, excellent produce, and meticulous craft. While our approaches may differ today, the flavours presented remain close to tradition. The worldwide appreciation for French cuisine also allows me and my fellow chefs to continue practising our craft and exploring new ways of showcasing its richness.

3. How would you define Vegetarian-Centric Cuisine?

Seasonality is the core of my culinary philosophy, guiding what we create. I want our guests to feel excited and anticipate the joy of discovering chestnuts in autumn, the freshness of green peas in spring, or even delight in the essence of summer through ripe tomatoes. We aim to take our guests on a transformative gastronomic journey, showcasing the pleasures of Vegetable-Centric Cuisine.

At JAG, our La Balade du Végétal menu is a celebration of vegetable- centric cuisine, evolving with seasons, and crafted to be able to accommodate guests’ dietary restrictions/preferences. The découverte menu features a diverse array of flavours and textures, from raw to cooked, concocted into elixirs and teas, all crafted to delight the senses. Our approach prioritises vegetables in the menu creation, with protein complementing each dish. However, the protein is not an afterthought: the same effort and care lavished on the vegetables goes into sourcing for fine-quality protein that is sustainably farmed and ethically caught. Every component on the plate has a purpose that contributes to the overall experience.

JAG - Jeremy and Anant

"I want our guests to feel excited and anticipate the joy of discovering chestnuts in autumn, the freshness of green peas in spring, or even delight in the essence of summer through ripe tomatoes." - Jérémy Gillon, Chef & Co-Owner of JAG

4. What do you love the most about Singapore?

I love Singapore’s vibrant and diverse food scene — the range of options such as restaurants, coffeeshops and food courts bring impactful flavours and remarkable experiences.

Additionally, Singapore's efficiency as a nation is second to none. This is evident across all factions of governmental organisations. It has been a delight for us to open a business here, as help has been extended readily from relevant bodies. I love that.

I must also mention Changi Airport. That's the best airport in the world by far. It connects us everywhere, and passing through it is a highlight of trips home.

And, the harmony of Singapore’s society is incredible.

5. What do you hope to achieve with JAG?

At JAG, our heartfelt mission is to bring about a positive transformation in the way people experience food, not just in Singapore but beyond. Anant and I are genuinely thrilled to share our commitment to a seasonal and vegetable-centric philosophy, with the conscious recognition of healthier eating practises.

There's an excitement that fills us as each season unfolds with their bounty of ingredients. The anticipation of that opportune moment when the produce reaches richly flavourful, and bountiful harvests allow the soil to retain its nutritional richness.

Our unwavering belief in supporting organic and biodynamic farming underscores our commitment to letting the land flourish naturally, without unnecessary intervention. This, we believe, is the true path.

In essence, through JAG, we aspire to impart a positive influence on the lives of our diners. We aim to inspire a wholesome and seasonal approach to eating, placing a special emphasis on savouring the incredible variety of vegetables available.

"Our unwavering belief in supporting organic and biodynamic farming underscores our commitment to letting the land flourish naturally, without unnecessary intervention. This, we believe, is the true path." - Jérémy Gillon, Chef & Co-Owner of JAG

6. How would you describe the dining scene at JAG?

As a no-menu establishment, we cook for the diners; it’s not a matter of presenting “our food” for them to choose. Our clientele appreciates being in the hands of our culinary team. We warmly welcome them, we cook for them, we curate an experience that caters to their needs.

At Restaurant JAG, we take pride in presenting a distinctive vegetable-forward gastronomic experience that pays homage to the four seasons inspired by the vibrant cycles of France.

Our découverte menu is carefully crafted to highlight the season’s most exquisite greens. These are prepared with flair and precision to concentrate their intrinsic flavours and textures, then complemented with choice proteins. The menu is personalised to the guest’s dietary restrictions, preferences, and inclinations; to the extent of not serving specific vegetables in the entire meal upon request.

Nestled within a beautifully restored 19th century warehouse with a view that overlooks water and is surrounded by greenery, our space aims to immerse diners in a nature-forward ambience of idyllic calm — akin to dining in a countryside garden.


All imagery is provided by JAG.

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