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The CBD Products We Love From Cubed Hong Kong

Here are our top recommendations for CBD products from Cubed Hong Kong.

Meet Cubed Hong Kong

Founded in 2019 for Hong Kongers by Hong Kongers, Cubed offers a comprehensive product line that spans everything CBD-related including skincare, muscle balms, tinctures and pet oil. Each product is made in the USA and is designed to fit and improve the busy lifestyles of urbanites in our humble abode. Cubed stocks its products at several reputable locations including K11, various veterinary clinics, beauty salons, gyms and coffee shops – but fret not, you can also get your hands on these CBD products online for the quickest convenience option.

To uphold their motto "Real Stories, Real Results", Cubed has received over 10,000 reviews from their users, including beauty bloggers, local artists and influencers. These reviews are all shown on their Instagram and website, as a showcase of their success stories to date. All products are lab-tested promising high quality and no THC, meaning it's legal to use in Hong Kong.

Editor’s Picks

Not sure where to begin? We've made it a few steps easier by picking the top products from the collection. Without further ado...

Cubed Ultra Moisturizing Set

Body Butter (CBD 650mg 135ml) + Soothing Body Oil (CBD 700mg 20ml)

Price: $880

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  • It's formulated to reduce eczema and sensitive skin symptoms

  • Instantly relieves itchiness, redness and swollen conditions

  • Relieves oozing and blistered skin

  • Moisturises dry skin and softens thickened skin


Cubed's CBD skincare products are well-received among the eczema group of people. That makes Cubed a promising brand is that their products are recommended by beauty bloggers and celebrities. They also have received over 10,000+ reviews plus before and after photos from their customers and posted them on their website and Instagram. It's easy to see why this is Cubed's best selling set. It's super lightweight and non-greasy, it keeps skin moisturised, soothes skin inflammation and helps to reduce redness and itchiness.

The Drops

Prices from HK$380

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  • Supports a positive mood for focus

  • Soothes daily stress and anxiety

  • Relieves body aches and inflammation

  • Maintains healthy sleep cycles


Cubed offers a wide range of CBD drops, taking care of different daily concerns. The CBD 3000mg formula is one of the strongest concentrations on the market. It's perfect for frequent users who can use it up to 200 times with the suggested daily dosage of 15mg each time. We tried adding CBD Drops into our morning coffee and it gave an immediate relaxing and soothing effect, helping us feel more focused on the daily tasks, giving a more positive mood and overall relieving daily stress.

The CBG Drops 2000mg are amazing for insomnia and sleep concerns, plus it's super rare and hard to extract as a hemp plant only contains 1% of CBG. Have a few drops right before sleep, it's the perfect way to wind down after a long day. Your body will feel relaxed bit by bit and it empties the chaotic mind to aid deep sleep.

The Fix

The Fix (CBD 500mg 60mL)

Price: HK$380

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  • All natural mix of potent botanicals: CBD; arnica, turmeric and black pepper extract; menthol

  • Relieves tight shoulders and muscles


The Fix is your carry-on CBD muscle balm for work, best used when you sit behind the desk for eight hours straight. It's designed to help relieve stiff muscles and can also be used after a workout and help with your stretching session. The result was quite relieving and the cooling sensation is refreshing. It doesn't have a smell like other muscle pain creams making it subtle enough to apply wherever you are.

The Rest

The Rest (CBD 200mg & CBG 200mg 50ml)

Price: HK$430

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  • Blends with CBD and CBG and multiple natural ingredients

  • The Entourage Effect – when CBD and CBG go into your body simultaneously, both of their effects will be enhanced

  • Relieves chronic pain, helps with sleep disturbances and insomnia


We recommend using The Rest right before sleep when you'll start to feel the numbing bit by bit. It induces a deep sea of relaxation and the body is so ready to sleep. Use The Rest together with The Drops CBG, it's the perfect duo for a sweet dream ahead.

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