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The Colony Grill Room at The Beaumont: 1920s Franco-American Glamour in Mayfair


The Colony Grill Room at The Beaumont
Photo: Daniella Wu | CSP Times

Old-world glamour, enchanting and heady aromas of flame-grilled meat, distinct and oaky notes from the swivel of a cabernet and splashes of colourful and dynamic art – these are just a few key standout aspects of this gorgeous, classical brasserie helmed by Executive Chef Ben Boeyhaems tucked away in a quaint corner on Mayfair’s own swanky Brown Hart Gardens at the lush boutique hotel, The Beaumont.

A perfect place for date nights, celebrations and carnivores alike as time stands still in this sophisticated and vintage space with a contemporary touch that conveys a sense of being a dedicated haven to dining, drinking and rich, intriguing dinner table conversations. Upholstered all around with vivid crimson leather booths seating an average of parties of 4-6, this space is romantically and warmly lit from the delicate, frill-edged chandeliers to the luminscent glass wine cabinet and even the walls adorned with vibrant, exciting and pop-art-esque takes on forest and woodland landscape.

All factors tie in together to present a uniquely enchanting dining experience, removed almost from the droll conundrum of reality and immersing you completely in this world – seamless, impeccable and charismatic service being the lifestyle. Here's a glimpse into the menu and dining experience:

The Colony Grill Room at The Beaumont
Photo: Daniella Wu | CSP Times

Photo: Daniella Wu | CSP Times
Buttermilk Fried Spring Chicken

It’s hard not to be wooed by the prospect of ordering a juicy yet crisp buttermilk fried chicken when it's on the menu – who wouldn’t be? Well, we certainly didn’t start resisting the urge at The Colony Grill Room, especially not when it came highly recommended by our server. The batter was perfect and light but sporting a satisfying crunch whilst the emulsion sauce was packing a rich, flavourful hit that blended well with the chicken meat. The citric notes that come through with the finishing bites round off the dish wonderfully. I enjoyed a delicate, refreshing glass of Bellavista Rosé with my starter course recommended by our excellent sommelier.

Photo: Daniella Wu | CSP Times

New York Prawn Cocktail

My dining partner went with the all-time-favourite classic staple, prawn cocktail, a simple, fresh and tasty treat filled with shrimpy juiciness which paired incredibly with the sweet and palatable sauce that had a tang similar to thousand island sauce and made for an appetising condiment. The presentation was classic and simple alongside radicchios and parsley sprigs. On the sommelier's recommendation, she had this starter paired with a fine, buttery and oaky Chardonnay from Burgundy.

Photo: Daniella Wu | CSP Times
Native Breed Beef – Rib Eye 10oz

It goes without saying that at a grill house, you are, to a certain extent, obliged to order a grilled meat dish, preferably a sensational cut of steak like the rib eye which we settled on eventually after a long process of contending between the other tempting options like the New York Strip of the Dry Aged Fillet. Cooked medium-rare to a deep ruby red perfection, the juicy and succulent meat sliced through without too much of a struggle, moulded to the tongue like a dream and gave out a symphony of natural smoke-grill flavours with the sea salt-crusted outer layer bathed in the peppercorn sauce.

The sides we ordered to accompany the dish were the triple-cooked chips, buttermilk mash, and creamy cabbage with cheese and chives. The chips were crispy chips, classic and chunky just as London loves them and both the buttermilk mash and cabbage were creamy, aromatic delights with heavenly textures and full, rich flavours. There are plenty more scrumptious sides available to choose from when ordering one of the grilled meats and we would advise indulging in at least a couple or more of them. These sides are next level whilst still tasting and feeling like home-cooked, hearty goodness.

Photo: Daniella Wu | CSP Times
Monkfish Wellington – Braised salsify, pressed potato, hen of the wood

Last but not least, this is probably the star plate of the night, the beautiful monkfish wellington encased in a buttery and flaky golden pastry that peels away gently from the tender white fish in graceful motion whilst the fish yields a bouncy, full texture enriched with its own juices as well as the full, buttery notes from the pastry.

The excellent execution of the dish as well as its uniqueness impressed us, as did the surprisingly well-complemented tang of the rhubarb slices and the soft yet firm texture of the pressed potato.

Photo: Daniella Wu | CSP Times

Chocolate Délice – Caramel and bergamot sorbet

Dessert at The Colony Grill Room is not to be missed, ever. Whatever you do, we encourage you to leave room for some sweet treats as they are creative, indulgent and heavenly concoctions. The chocolate délice was a big suggestion that turned out to exceed our already high expectations. The perfect texture for a délice – a silky and luxurious set of chocolate, like a bomb of sweet, cocoa slaking over and effectively extinguishing whatever sweet tooth craving you were initially having. The presentation was simple yet swish with a ruched gold leaf sitting atop and the even more impressive part of this course was the refreshing, mousse-like bergamot sorbet which sat on the plate in a perfect teardrop dollop without melting.

Photo: Daniella Wu | CSP Times

Banana Foster

A show dessert if you're a fan of the tableside fiery theatrics and the mouthwatering crispy, sugary glaze that comes with the flambé. The banana foster is cooked up right there by your table bathed in spiced rum that infuses the banana with an intoxicating fragrance and the flambé gives it a stunning coat of charred glaze.

The ice cream accompaniment was soft and fluffy in texture and the generous smattering of nuts gives it a fulfilling crunch on top of a delectable rum-soaked cake. A South African sweet wine was offered as a dessert pairing which emitted fruity and caramel notes.

Photo: Daniella Wu | CSP Times

If you find some time on your hands, might we implore you to stop by Le Magritte, the bar in The Beaumont serving up classic drinks and cocktails with a special focus on American whiskies and bourbons for pre or post-dinner beverages and enjoy the atmosphere of the nostalgic, iconic 1920s American and Parisian bars.

There is an option of sitting out on to the little, swanky terrace outside of Le Magritte where you might find yourself in the mood to sample a Cuban Cohiba or two. Feel free to peruse the magical and emblematic surrealist paintings of René Magritte hung up around the space.


Phone: +44 20 7499 9499 | Instagram: @thecolonygrillroom | Facebook: @TheColonyGrillRoom | Location: The Beaumont, 8 Balderton Street, Mayfair, W1K 6TF


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