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The Fashion Edit: The Mob Wife Aesthetic


This winter has brought a transitional period for fashion and beauty, with the beginning of the season marking the continuation of the viral clean girl aesthetic, slick back hair and minimal, glowy makeup.

However, as we are officially brushing off the Christmas cobwebs and waving hello to February, we are moving towards a new aesthetic in the constantly evolving and revolving cycle that is fashion and aesthetics; the mob wife. Within a society of the weird and wonderful, where anything goes, there is a new, yet familiar face joining (or rejoining) the party, as mob wives flood the street alongside the Scandi aesthetics, and the cutesy coquette’s.

Like many fashion and beauty trends of the modern day, this revisitation is all thanks to social media; in particular, one TikTok video. This singular video seemingly making a decision for the rest of society has done what bold fashion statements usually do, it has spread and spawned. The fresh, youthful glow that was very much the goal of the Christmas season is out, and a new fashion and beauty trend is on the horizon that alternatively carries an air of maturity and luxury.

Where has this trend risen from?

The mob wife aesthetic arguably arose through the success of movies like Casino or Goodfellas, and TV shows like The Sopranos dating back to the 90's ... however, thanks to the sphere of social media, the re-welcoming of the trend stakes its claim through the voice of 28-year old TikToker, Kayla Trivieri, who shared a video stating that ‘Clean girl is out; mob wife era is in, okay?’. Through her definitive, decision-based opinion, Trivieri triggered a flood of debates both for and against the look. Viewers brand the trend as shallow and disregarding the history of where this trend heavily draws on. Arguably, this is not uncommon within fashion, however, here at CSP Times we love details… and we recommend our readers to draw on the history of the mob wife aesthetic. From real women, to compositions of the silver screen, the mob wife is rooted in both cinematic and real history. The references and influences within the characterisations and events on-screen allow some insight to the reality of a life of crime for mob wives that is overshadowed within this trend by external appearances.

Is it possible to subtract the influences surrounding a micro trend and simply enjoy the superficial? With thus, we leave the decision up to you as to what you make of this new fashion and beauty trend. 

What categorises the mob wife aesthetic, and how can you achieve it?

1) Shapes and colours

Sources: and @kimkardashian on Instagram.

Base layers of the mob wife often attract attention through their shape, rather than their colour. Bodycon is back, and with the rise in success of SKIMS by Kim Kardashian, a celebrity famous for her curves, there are easily accessible, high-quality staple pieces for your wardrobe. With the emphasis on shape taking precedence, colour follows suit, usually in black or neutral tones. With bold jewellery, heavy textures - notably leather and fur - and the odd flash of maximalist pattern - yet still neutral colour - black is a safe choice for echoing the luxurious, unsubtle subtlety of the mob wife. The overall look provides the perfect balance of excess through accessories and textures, with the minimalism of shape and colour.

Below are a couple of staple options for wardrobe addition that conform to the shape and hues of the mob wife’s base.

SKIMS Fits Everybody Funnel-Neck Dress in Onyx


Balmain Lambskin Gold-Button Trousers

HKD$ 36,700

2) Animal print: specifically leopard

Sources: and @selenagomez on Instagram.

Leopard print has been seeing a big comeback in the past month, and we are here for it. With hugely relevant and popular brands like Adidas and Ganni releasing highly desirable pieces with the much-loved print, it is no surprise that we are reverting back to our old ways with the leopard print. Pieces including the Adidas Originals by Wales Bonner Ponyskin Samba, and the GANNI x Barbour Leopard Bomber Jacket have flooded the internet, as influencers and fashion followers share their pride on securing these pieces following their release, and swift sell-out.

Whilst the mob wife may opt for more refined, feminine leopard print pieces, rather than the street style pieces detailed above, one thing is clear: the spring season will see an urban jungle as leopard print roams the streets in a multitude of micro trends. Listed below are a collection of elegant leopard print pieces to sculpt the perfect wardrobe base for a mob wife.

Dolce & Gabbana Wool Leopard Print Jacket

HKD$ 27,500

Dolce & Gabbana x Kim Kardashian Leopard Print Cami Top

HKD$ 9,700

3) Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Sources: and @beyonce on Instagram.

Jewellery is the perfect embellishment to enhance any fashion trend, and the mob wife aesthetic is no different. An accessory is a perfect evocation to exhibit the unsubtly subtle luxury of a mob wife. Statement is everything, so think bigger and better. Bold gold, chunky rings, showers of diamonds, this look calls for it all. Remember, maximalism is back, and this is the perfect trend to play with layering. The option for a monochromatic base provides the freedom to explore and play with jewellery, so use this to your advantage.

See below for bold jewellery pieces to add to your collection…

LC Collection Jewellery 18K Gold Diamond Mixed Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Tennis Bracelet

HKD$ 87,000

LC Collection Jewellery 18K White Gold Diamond Ring

HKD$ 101,800

4) Fur coats

Sources: and @kendalljenner on Instagram.

Whilst the mob wife aesthetic has made its return, it should be considered that this is not a wholly surprising and spontaneous revisit, as the reintroduction of fur coats has been on the horizon for a while now. Within the perpetual realm of possibility that is the TikTok ‘for you page’, fur coats have been making their return through the rise in coverage of Eastern European aesthetics. Female influencers donning their furs through outerwear including hats and coats have found themselves a niche, thanks to the popularity and coordination of particular sounds and aesthetics. As a result, the fur coat is making its reintroduction not only through the mob wife aesthetic, but equally within other realms of the app. 

The great part of this aesthetic is the accessibility of what is popular, simply delve into the back of your wardrobe and somewhere, you will find an item of fur, it is the perfect start to defining your mob wife look; maximalism is back.

Saint Laurent Coat in Animal-Free Fur

HKD$ 120,000

Toscana Shearling Cropped Blouson


5) Heavy, heavy makeup

Sources: and @kyliejenner on Instagram.

As aforementioned, simple shapes and colours leave room for maximalist accessories. Makeup thus becomes the perfect tool to transform your overall aura into the mob wife. Clean-girl is out, mob wife is in. Gone are the days of plump, hydrated-looking skin with a healthy sheen. Now, we are bringing back the matte. Think dark eyes, and bronzed skin. Go heavy and on the shadow and bring out your favourite dark lip - the rest is up to you.


With any attempt to achieve an aesthetic, the best way to do so is through the consideration of its appearance from a distant scope, but equally through consideration of the minute details. Bearing this in mind, when thinking about the mob wife aesthetic, go beyond the material, and consider other aspects… (hint: big hair, long nails and polished brows will only aid the overall look).


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