The Fleming, a Sleek Boutique Hotel That Pays Tribute to the Iconic Star Ferry


There's plenty of quirks and traditions that are ubiquitous in Hong Kong and the mere mention of such can bring back nostalgic memories and cherished childhoods. For some, perhaps the pungent waft of siu mai vendors in Mong Kok or for others, old-school Cantonese opera theatres. Most are familiar with the Star Ferry, a long-time carrier of passengers between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, a quick two-minute journey that has stood the test of time and stayed humble in its barely-altered façade. With Hong Kong's endless roster of new boutiques cropping up, some with unique themes like a Star Ferry-inspired restoration, The Fleming reopened in 2017 with a brand new look. We checked in, albeit a couple years later, to rediscover what's made it such a popular feat since its refurbishment.

the fleming hong kong
Image courtesy of Faye Bradley | CSP Times

The boutique hotel is nestled in Wan Chai district, which seems like an unlikely pairing due to its busy surroundings yet somehow feels quiet from the moment you step foot inside. Designed by Hong Kong firm Sub