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The Most Exquisite Everyday Jewellery From Antonia Y Jewelry

Summer is upon us meaning long, flowy dresses, floral headbands and beautiful bohemian jewellery are abound. It's arguably the best time of the year when the sun is at its peak and the crowd at its most joyful. For Antonia Y Jewelry, however, summer is everlasting. The vision is to capture the eternal bohemian summer, in pursuit of an untethered lifestyle, embodied by the free-spirited wanderer. We delve into the origins of the brand, how it came to life and our top recommendations for the discerning traveller...

Meet the Founder

The namesake Antonia Y Jewelry was founded by Australian-born Antonia Yue, a jewellery designer with a passion for incorporating natural elements and timeless fashion.

"I have always been drawn to the beauty of gemstones, their raw expression and unique nature are truly one-of-a-kind. I was inspired to craft adornments using these semi-precious stones, that I now share with you. The natural elements used in our jewelry express bold and vibrant energy, styled in classic and timeless fashion."

– Antonia Yue, Founder, Antonia Y Jewelry.


Antonia Y Jewelry aims to create affordable yet luxurious jewellery pieces that can be worn every day. The elegant pieces are timeless and range from dainty layering designs to bold bohemian statement rings. Together, they harmonise and make a lasting impression on its onlookers. Whether it's a gold necklace adorned with quartz or a natural cowrie shell dipped in gold, let out your inner boho and experiment with the eclectic designs on offer.

We recommend...

Here are some of our favourites from the Antonia Y Jewelry collection...

The classic best-selling gold hoops are updated with a minimalist twist. Adored with sparkly cubic zirconia, the hoops feature white moonstones for a beautiful uplift.

  • 14K gold fill hoops, decorated with cubic zirconia

  • Natural white moonstone in gold plated prong setting

Meaning 'bright, shining one', the Helene is also the name given to the moons rotating around Saturn. The beautiful handmade statement necklace features a luminous mother of pearl-carved moon face for a quirky spin on your classics.

  • Pendant set in sterling silver

  • Carved mother of pearl

  • Comes with a 2-tone 50cm sterling silver and gold-filled necklace

Known as the Viking's compass, Iolite is reminiscent of a crisp, dark winter sky, a gemstone that helped the Viking sailors navigate the black seas when the sun would set. This iolite hexagon is set in a delicate gold chain bracelet, embodying the spirit of journey, dreams and intuition. Match it with the complementing necklace.

Handmade with a sparkling lilac-coloured spinal and a peach-toned tourmaline cabochon, the sterling silver ring is the ultimate statement piece for both formal occasions and everyday wearing.

  • Set in sterling silver

  • Natural tourmaline cabochon and faceted spinel

  • Open band design allows for slight adjustments


For those looking for something extra special, Antonia Y Jewelry also offers bespoke services, whether it's for your loved one or for a special wedding day.

Where to get Antonia Y Jewelry

Antonia Y. Jewelry is available worldwide at and in Hong Kong’s exclusive pop up store locations:


Aanya, G/F, 67 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Mon - Sun, 11am - 8pm

Lai Chi Kok

Zaap Zok, Shop 105, 1/F, D2 Place ONE, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong

Mon - Sun, 11:30am - 9:00pm

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All images courtesy of Antonia Y Jewelry.

CSP Times in paid partnership with Antonia Y Jewelry.


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