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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Brands in Hong Kong


There’s been a huge rise in demand for hemp-based CBD products, a wellness trend that has imported itself from California to Asia, and beyond. The plant-based remedy is said to relieve mental and physical strain, targeting everything from skin problems to sleep deprivation. Here is a comprehensive list of the best CBD brands in Hong Kong to try out right now.

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What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, an active ingredient found in cannabis that is extracted from the hemp plant. Thus, it’s important to note that hemp isn’t the same as marijuana, and although they come from the same plant, they are totally different in terms of results. Evidence from the WHO shows that the substance is non-addictive and non-toxic, and shows little to no side effects, which makes it safe to use. It is not psychoactive, unlike marijuana. CBD is legal in Hong Kong, but if you’re elsewhere, it’s important to check with your government restrictions to see whether it’s safe to use in your region.

Calmed & Co

Bringing her CBD expertise from LA to Hong Kong, Gianne Chan founded Calmed & Co with a vision to improve clients’ wellbeing and mental health. After undergoing her own personal journey to holistic healing through CBD, Gianne found that the benefits of the natural remedy outweighed most of her other experiences. Calmed & Co focuses on high-quality CBD products free from THC and GMOs. Calm the mind and body with the exclusive collection available to purchase online.

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CBD Skincare Limited

Founded by a couple in 2021, CBD Skincare Limited offers a refined collection of THC-free luxury CBD skincare products to encourage accessible healthy flawless skin. The Mantra Mask is a particular highlight in the series, a CBD mask that's naturally made, vitamin-enriched, vegan and cruelty-free, which complements the current beauty trends in Hong Kong. There are seven options for beauty gurus to try, from the hydrating marine mask to Dove Cameron's favourite option, the CBD collagen mask. Be sure to try out the coconut eye gels to soothe dark circles and wrinkles.

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Hong Kong-born CBD brand C-Hemp has products that are among the first to be certified by the Hong Kong Health Department’s certified laboratory, plus all the products are dual-tested in the U.S. and in Hong Kong. The brand only uses naturally extracted broad-spectrum CBD, meaning it does not contain any trace amounts of THC in adherence to the city's legal requirements. Each product features science-based natural herbal ingredients which provide additional health benefits to help customers on their personal health journey. The CBD brand aims to target health concerns like insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain and sensitive skin types, relieved by the benefits of natural remedies.

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Designed for pets, LOP & LOA is a CBD brand that caters to your furry friends. Meaning Love Our Planet & Love Our Animals, LOP & LOA ensures that each and every product in its collection is cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Many pets suffer anxiety and have chronic pains, a heartbreaking issue that can be alleviated or at least improved with the support of regular love and attention – and the integration of CBD. The collection is available in the form of oil, balm, isolate powder (for baking) or infused dog treats, to accommodate for every pooch and feline – even the fussiest ones.

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Founded in 2019, Cubed has one of the most comprehensive product lines on the market in Hong Kong, including skincare, muscle cream, oil drops and pet oil, to take care of your every need. You will also find Cubed's product in various reputation locations including the K11 Design Store, and various veterinary clinics, beauty salons, gyms and coffee shops. To uphold their motto "Real Stories, Real Results", Cubed has received over 10,000 reviews from their users, including beauty bloggers, local artists and influencers. These reviews are all shown on their Instagram and website, as a showcase of their success stories to date.

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Vibes Organics

Vibes Organics has one main mission – to promote good vibes for busy, hustling urbanites, particularly in Hong Kong where everyone is always on the go with frantic schedules. Made with a unique formula in Colorado, the brand aims to elevate everyday wellness by reducing stress, relieving body pains and improving sleep quality. Each product is third-party lab tested and can be traced with the QR code on the packaging, which also shows the origins of its ingredients. Pick from the range of yummy gummies and efficient oils for holistic healing.

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Hong Kong CBD (CBDHKOnline)

CBDHKonline's parent company MFA is a leader in shaping the Asian Duty-Free Retail market. The CBD range is dedicated to improving quality of life across the globe, with an immersive variation of CBD catered to those who need quick attention to their problem areas. From nano shot energy bottles to classic CBD oils, this brand has you sorted with everything you need as a CBD beginner or experienced taker. Infinite CBD is one of their many CBD brands to focus on, a well-established U.S. brand from Colorado, bringing unique products with competitive pricing. The products incorporate nanotechnology, an effective method that has paved the way for the future of human health, including the Nano Rest Shots, Nano Energy Shots and the Nano Dropper.

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CBD Collectiv

A new brand in the wellness market, CBD Collectiv focuses on products ranging from health and food to cosmetics and beverage supplements. Sourcing its hemp from the U.S. and the U.K. every product is designed with holistic care and a results-driven ethos. Whether you're looking to alleviate stress or help your pet overcome anxiety, CBD Collectiv aims to bridge the solution, while being affordable and accessible. Its vast collection allows you to try a range of options to see what works best for you.

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Hemp Temple HK

Hemp Temple's motto is to embrace everyday wellness, as showcased in the brand's abundant collection of CBD essentials. The Hong Kong-based company has everything you need to kickstart your journey, from its delicious chocolate flavoured CBD drops to its Colombian coffee blends. You can break it down into your desired outcome, including inflammation relief and focus and energy. It's a great gift guide for the modern lifestyle lover, there's even a selection of funky hemp-themed T-shirts!

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Empress CBD

Empress CBD sources its products from family-owned farms in the U.S. refined through state-of-the-art extraction facilities and tested via certified third-party labs to ensure potency and safety. Its premium line of organic CBD gummies and tinctures is designed to enhance quality of life through natural, plant-powered alternatives. Re-energise and rejuvenate to power through the workday. Some fun flavours include banana or blueberry CBD gummies.

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Millpond CBD

Millpond is a Hong Kong-born CBD wellness brand founded by science enthusiasts offering small-batch broad-spectrum CBD products with hemp responsibly grown in Denmark before its lab extracted in California. The brand follows its ethical ethos with a deep respect for nature, firm belief in CBD's ability to bring us back to balance and harnessing calmness for Hong Kong urbanites one bottle at a time.

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Mawanla CBD

Inspired by the natural healing properties of cannabinoids, Mawanla CBD provides products that can help chronic pain, inflammation, stress and depression. The brand works with small, family-owned farms to grow hemp that adheres to high-quality organic standards. After its harvested, the hemp is processed by CO2 extraction to ensure zero residual solvents. Products range from oils to creams, each with its own empowering benefits.

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Urban Oasis

In a bid to cater to busy Hong Kongers, Urban Oasis is a CBD-focused store that brings high-quality CBD products, made from organically sourced USA-grown hemp. Living in a chaotic city has its setbacks, particularly in terms of finding time and energy for self care. Thus, the brand's mission is to influence people positively and bring wellness through its rich CBD products. There are different forms to suit everyone's needs, taking your CBD experience to a whole new level.

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HKCBD is designed for helping people relieve stress, improve sleep and soothe sore muscles. HKCBD is an online shop with a wide selection of products to choose from. Try its range, which spans from CBD sports products and caffeine variations to CBD gummies.

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Lekker Stuff CBD

Lekker Stuff began as a passion project for the founders, who used CBD for the first time for pain relief. After quickly discovering its effective results in improving sleep and relaxation, Lekker Stuff was born in a bid to promote the benefits which include the relief of anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, joint pain, inflammation and more. This quickly evolved into the introduction of South Africa's first CBD-infused vegan Chocolate, also available online. The collection also spans CBD oil, skincare and kombucha.

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Photo: The Oriental Spa by Faye Bradley | CSP Times

CBD Sleep Therapy at The Oriental Spa

For something a little more hands-on, try a CBD treatment at one of Hong Kong’s most premium locations. From 20th August, The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental will be launching the city’s first 5-star luxury CBD sleep therapy treatment. Priced at HKD 1,800 for weekdays and HKD 2,000 for weekends (including Fridays), The CBD Sleep Therapy is a full body massage focusing on various pressure points that enhances sleep quality and eases anxiety. The treatment uses The Mandarin Oriental signature oil and traditional holistic massage technique throughout the journey of the treatment, while using products from Kiara, where the full process from growing the plants in the Swiss alps to the extraction of the CBD is monitor in laboratories, ensuring the products are of highest pharmaceutical grade quality, highlight the ingredients at its purest form.

Find out more

Born CBD

Sourced from the U.S., Born CBD was founded with the intention to educate and promote the awareness and science behind high-quality CBD products. The founders combined their research with the latest technologies to provide a range of ready-to-use CBD products for the modern consumer. The brand aims to provide Hong Kongers with a solution to stressful environments, and to calm anxiety for more holistic wellbeing through its products.

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Gentle Bro

Gentle Bro was founded in 2019, serving as a lifestyle brand that promotes the substance in its purest form. The products are positioned as natural dietary supplements to help relieve stress and bring balance to people. Everything is made in the USA using CBD oil extracted from hemp, directly from hemp farms. Order a box of CBD-infused soft gels, body balm and premium oil to get your fix and see which works best for you. The store even sells CBD products for your pets.

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For something a little stronger, UltraHemp sells 1000mg Natural and 2000mg Peppermint flavours, taken orally by dropping under the tongue. UltraHemp strives to serve high-quality CBD and spread the message that it’s safe and beneficial for its users. Try the CBD-infused Salve, which is fortified with 400mg of pure substance, and formulated with traditional Ayurvedic ingredients. The warming salve helps stimulate blood flow and vascularity through the skin.

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Olanda International

When founder Alfred discovered CBD as an alternative to painkillers, his life changed for the better. He started his own CBD company, Olanda International, to raise awareness of the benefits of the THC-free substance. The products range from strong relaxation formulas to vape pens for ultimate relief. Olanda International products aim to reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation of the body, and induce calm in individuals.

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Raising awareness on the benefits of CBD oil, 852CBDHK is a Hong Kong-based supplier of U.S.-approved products. The brand specialises in premium human and pet CBD oil, all of which are natural and non-intoxicating. Try a variety of their well sought-after products, which include the CBD dog drops, the Relax Bear gummy bears, and the Muscle & Joint Relief Cream, to name a few.

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Heavens Please

Heavens Please is a premium CBD lifestyle store based in Hong Kong. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, the brand offers various products which are designed to elevate and enlighten individuals. The products also play their part in sustainability, by ensuring that products are clean and ethical. Try the AM and PM formulas to see whether it’s your morning coffee alternative or your evening work owl fix.

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DISCLAIMER: These CBD brands and products are compliant with Hong Kong laws and regulations, including the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease and are not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Note: Laws and Regulations vary between countries and states. Please check your local laws of destination before purchasing CBD products.