TIRPSE Masters French-Japanese Fare, Taking Significant Note From Its Tokyo Flagship

K11 MUSEA is brimming with exclusives eats, offering a portfolio of restaurants that seems to continue to expand every month. Those who have tickled their taste buds with a selection of restaurants here would know that there’s a healthy mix of both upscale or more casual diners to cater to different budgets. TIRPSE is one of the higher-end options, a French-Japanese restaurant bringing back techniques from its Michelin-starred flagship in Tokyo. We visit the indulgent venue to try the tasting menu at this design-savvy, delectable venue.

Image courtesy of Adam Thompson

The word TIRPSE may sound strange to pronounce, but its name derives from the French word for spirit (esprit), spelled backward. Located on the second floor K11 MUSEA, the restaurant by Mr. Ohashi Naotaka first opened in Tokyo, before expanding into Hong Kong. Here, TIRPSE was rewarded with a Michelin star within a mere two months of opening. Helmed by Chef Shimizu Yuta, the eatery welcomes diners from allover to try one of the two set menus available.