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Top 11 Cafes for Matcha Lovers in London


Matcha is not only delicious, but is also hailed for its health benefits. The finely ground and concentrated green tea powder is said to speed up metabolism and boost antioxidants, and can make a great coffee alternative on work commutes, and for your afternoon caffeine fix. Here are our top picks on where to get the best matcha in London.

WA Cafe
Photo: WA Cafe

WA Café

WA Cafe is a Japanese patisserie located in Covent Garden and Ealing Broadway that serves several matcha desserts and drinks. From the soft and spongy matcha Swiss rolls filled with lightly whipped matcha cream accented by drops of sweet red beans and the smooth and rich chocolate gateau matcha to the light mascarpone cream in matcha tiramisu, this café is perfect for a balance of bitter matcha lattes and sweet matcha desserts an aesthetic setting famous for afternoon tea get-togethers.

Address: WA café (Covent Garden): 5 New Row, London WC2N 4LH, United Kingdom | WA café (Ealing): 32 Haven Green, London W5 2NX, United Kingdom | Website: | Instagram: @wacafelondon | Facebook: @wacafelondon

Cafe Kitsune
Photo: Cafe Kitsune

Café Kitsuné at Pantechnicon

To eat at Café Kitsuné is to experience a fusion of Japan and France. The name Café Kitsuné combines ‘café’ from French and fox, ‘kitsune’, from Japan, which holds sacred meaning in Japanese culture. The café is located on the ground floor and the first floor of Belgravia London. The café delicately creates classic French pastries with elements of Japanese culture like matcha pain au chocolate, gluten-free matcha brownies and matcha drinks all made with authentic and rich matcha powder.

Address: Ground Floor, 19 Motcomb St, London SW1X 8LB, United Kingdom | Website: | Instagram: @cafekitsune | Facebook: @maisonkitsune

Tsujiri London
Photo: Tsujiri London


Get matcha on the go with Tsujiri – it's the perfect place to do so. Made with matcha powder from their own brand, Tsujiri’s soft-serve ice cream contains the bitterness of concentrated matcha while contrasting with sweet red bean pastes as visually captivating as its taste. The café not only serves matcha latte but also matcha bubble tea and matcha mochi cheese tea, all well-loved drinks in Japan.

Address: Tsujiri (China Town): 33 Newport Ct, London WC2H 7PQ, United Kingdom | Tsujiri (Camdon): Unit 163, Water Lane, Hawley Wharf, London, England NW1 8JZ | Email: | Website: | Instagram: @tsujiti_uk | Facebook: @tsujiriuk

Katsute 100
Photo: Katsute 100

Katsute 100

Amidst the busy and crowded London streets, stands the tranquil Katsute 100. It's got a small and cosy outdoor garden and inside, dark wood cabinets displaying matcha tea sets, little gashapon figures and classic Japanese desserts. Katsute 100, like its name, creates an atmosphere that evokes nostalgia through its history. Settle comfortably down and be served with truly authentic Japanese desserts ranging from matcha to yuzu; the options are too long to be listed entirely: Ichigo Daifuku with matcha mochi layers, matcha cheesecake, matcha omanju… In the quietness of the café, time seems to move slower and moments are held on for longer.

Address: Katsute 100 (Angel): 100 Islington High Street, London, N1 8EG​, United Kingdom |

Katsute 100 (Brick Lane): 147 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SB, United Kingdom | Website: | Phone: +44 20 7354 8395 | Instagram: @katsute100 | Facebook: @Katsute100 | Twitter: @katsute100 | Four Square: @Katsute_100

Photo: Jenki


From shakes, lattes, and sodas to coffees, there are no limitations when it comes to matcha at Jenki. Matcha rose hibiscus soda with a matcha doughnut serves as a perfect combination for an afternoon trip. Founded recently in 2020, the modern café in Spitalfields Market is a vibrant space, following the inspiration from the Japanese term ‘genki’, symbolising energy and liveliness within all spirits.

Address: 43 Brushfield Street, E1 6AA, United Kingdom | Website: | Instagram: @jenkimatcha | Facebook: @jenkimatcha

Photo: Machiya


Machiya is a restaurant and bar that includes Japanese patisseries in its menu. The name Machiya is taken from the eponymous townhouses that once defined the cityscape of Kyoto, representing its deep root in Japanese cuisine. Created by an in-house pastry team, the restaurant and bar serves the delicate desserts using premium Uji matcha. Machiya’s matcha fondant cake oozes thick matcha cream and is best shared along with the matcha roll cake.

Address: 5 Panton St, London SW1Y 4DL, United Kingdom | Email: | Website: | Phone: +44 20 7925 0333 | Instagram: @machiyalondon | Facebook: @MachiyaLondon | Twitter: @MachiyaLondon

Kova Patisserie
Photo: Kova Patisserie

Kova Patisserie

Kova Patisserie has three locations spread out in London: Soho, China Town and South Kensington. You can choose from matcha gateau brownie, matcha crepe cake, matcha shortcake and matcha tart, all containing flavours as intricate and rich as their exteriors.

Address: Kova Patisserie (Soho): Unit 5, 9-12 St Anne's Ct, London W1F 0BB, United Kingdom | Kova Patisserie (China Town): 16 Old Brompton Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3DL, United Kingdom | Kova Patisserie (South Kensington): 20A Newport Ct, London WC2H 7JS, United Kingdom | Website: | Instagram: @kovapatisserie | Facebook: @kovapatisserie

Soft Serve Society
Photo: Soft Serve Society

Soft Serve Society

Looking for something refreshing during the summer? Soft Serve Society presents the lusciously and smoothly swerved vanilla, charcoal coconut and matcha ice creams decorated with toppings of choice. For an authentic Japanese combination, Matcha Madness presents matcha ice cream with sweet red bean paste and mochi balls in a sundae cup. The matcha ice cream is topped with marshmallow fluff in a waffle cone. The combination of colours and tastes is endless.

Address: Soft Serve Society (Seven Dials Market): 35 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LD, United Kingdom | Soft Serve Society (Boxpark Shoreditch): 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6GY, United Kingdom | Website: | Instagram: @softservesociety | Facebook: @Soft_Serve_Society | Youtube: @Soft_Serve_Society

Photo: Tombo


Hidden in the alleyways of South Kensington, Tombo is a Japanese café that offers matcha with a lessened bitterness. The café serves a full menu of savoury meals as well as another full menu for its desserts, of which half of its offerings feature matcha. Ranging from soft-serve ice creams and lattes to cakes, the table can be easily filled with dark green plates and happiness. Its concept and interiors are inspired by its name ‘tombo’, the word for dragonfly, and symbolises renewal and natural energy.

Address: 29 Thurloe Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2HQ, United Kingdom | Email: | Website:

Noxy Brothers
Photo: Noxy Brothers

Noxy Brothers

Noxy Brothers is the perfect café for busy city dwellers looking for some peace and quiet – and good matcha. Although specialising in coffee bean blends, the café does not lack in other drinks and desserts, like its delicious matcha latte. Be sure to also grab a slice of peanut butter banana cake.

Address: Noxy Brothers (Russell Square): 9 Russell Square, W1CB 5EG, United Kingdom

Noxy Brothers (Burlington Arcade): 51 Piccadilly, W1J 0QJ, United Kingdom | Website: | Instagram: @noxybrothers | Facebook: @noxybros

How Matcha

In the quiet streets of Marylebone, How Matcha's white, floral exterior invites you into its pastel pink and matcha green coffee scene. The menu offers an array of nutritious and rich matcha drinks from the Immune Matcha Latte (with matcha, cinnamon, tumeric, black pepper, ginger, matcha honey, bee pollen, milk) to a classic Matcha Boba (with matcha, brown sugar, milk, tapioca pearls), and a team of matcha experts to tailor your orders to your tastes and preferences. Popular desserts include the Matcha Milk Crepe Cake and Burnt Basque Matcha Cheesecake.

Address: 47 Blandford Street, Marylebone, London W1U 7HQ, United Kingdom | Website: | Phone: +44 208 097 3615 | Email: | Instagram: @howmatchaofficial | Facebook: @howmatcha


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