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Update Your Skincare Regime With These Detoxifying CBD Facemasks From CBD Skincare Limited

CBD is one of the latest wellness trends sought after by customers worldwide since its insurgence in L.A. and beyond. It's hit the Hong Kong market at full speed, with wellness aficionados across the city turning to the natural remedy to alleviate everything from anxiety to muscle tension. Those familiar with the THC-free substance know that it typically comes in dropper oil, cream and tablet format for consumption, so you may be surprised to hear that it can also come as a facemask. Hong Kong-based CBD Skincare Limited specialises in beauty treatments and its CBD facemask concoction is one of its most popular and successful ventures. If you're looking to integrate a little CBD into your facial routine, look no further.

The Story

CBD Skincare Limited was founded in Hong Kong by Carol and her husband Nicolas in 2021. The couple did not pay much attention to CBD skincare products at first and they focused only on pet CBD oil for their husky to help her reduce the pain caused by late-stage, non-operational kidney tumour. They soon realised the positive impacts that CBD could have on wellbeing after extensive research.

Carol and Nicolas wanted to differentiate from their competitors by specialising in unique and high-quality CBD skincare products – rather than an endless collection of different types of CBD – and CBD Skincare was then founded to help provide the best, premium CBD skincare products to the locals for pursuing healthy flawless skin.

CBD Skincare Limited is a premium CBD skincare provider based in Hong Kong. Each product is hand-picked and THC-free to provide luxury CBD skincare products that comply with the laws and regulations in Hong Kong.

Spotlight: The Mantra Mask

The Mantra Mask at CBD Skincare Limited is one of the pioneers in the United States to provide high-quality CBD sheet masks, compared to typical rinse-off masks on the CBD skincare market. It is also one of the first brands that provides CBD sheet masks with different functions – in fact, there are seven options. All masks are naturally made, vitamin-enriched, vegan and cruelty-free.


The Mantra Mask CBD Marine Hydration Mask is the hottest item in both the U.S. and in Hong Kong. Harnessing some of the sea's most powerful ingredients to deliver a luxurious experience for your skin, this mask is packed with antioxidants. Reduce inflammation with its thoroughly infused crafted Broad Spectrum CBD then soak away stress with Tahitian Sea Water, rich in essential minerals that condition to fortify and rejuvenate the skin. The Spirulina will help to soothe and hydrate.

Try the Mantra Mask CBD After Sun Mask for the summer season to revive tired skin, soothe sun damage, reduce inflammation and fight sun overexposure. This mask will bring your skin to life with over 10 powerful antioxidants including chamomile, calendula, aloe vera and chia seed. It will help to lock in moisture and reduce inflammation thanks to its powerful CBD formula – you’ll be glowing in no time.

If an actress with as porcelain clear skin as Dove Cameron recommends it, we're pretty much in. Dove uses the Mantra Mask CBD Collagen Mask, infused with a thicker serum compared to other masks. Used to promote collagen regeneration, this powerful concoction features over 22 amino peptides, including CBD and hyaluronic acid. Designed to reduce inflammation and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you'll feel restored with rebuilt collagen and a youthful, radiant outlook.

And finally, the Mantra Mask CBD Coconut Eye Gels is a must for reducing dark circles and wrinkles. The all-natural, non-toxic Eye Gel is carefully crafted with NANO Encapsulated CBD for deeper penetration. These fast-acting biodegradable coconut gels nourish the under-eye skin, reduces dark circles and improves elasticity and cell turnover with ingredients like Rye Seed Extract, Vitamin K, Rice Peptides, Pomegranate and Green Tea.

As the e-commence website is pending launch, potential customers can visit @cbdskincarehk and make orders via DM. CBD Skincare Limited will also be hosting a booth at the CBD & Chill Market on Aug 21-22, 2021 at CGA eSports Stadium. Discounts will be offered as well.

The CBD sheet masks retail for HK$150 each and the CBD eye gels for HK$385 / box (6 pairs + 3 extra pairs = 9 pairs in total).

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All images courtesy of Adam Thompson, CSP Times and CBD Skincare Limited.

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