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Waxing Boutique in Hong Kong: Dolma Waxing Boutique


Freshening up for yourself and finding time for your private and personal time is something we do every so often that many of us dread. The fact that a waxing experience is very intimate and sometimes painful can be intimidating to many who want the service but don’t know where to start. But luckily, we scoured the internet and found the perfect waxing salon for you – meet Dolma Waxing Boutique!

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

For Dolma, this industry is all about beauty and body therapy. Carrying over 20 years of experience in the waxing business, not to mention she was once a personal beautician to a member of the royal family, Dolma opened her waxing boutique in Hong Kong and has since become one of the pioneers in the field. Your hygiene, privacy and comfort are what matters most to this expert beautician. Whether you are in need of multiple waxing spots or a full Brazilian, bikini wax, the salon offers combo-discount and packages. It is not just limited to the body either as Dolma Waxing Boutique also offers facial treatments for eyebrow threading, tinting and eyelash tinting. With high-quality wax products and Dolma’s masterful skills, the process will be as smooth as your skin after!

At the heart of this beautician, waxing is her art and passion. She makes extra care in creating a secure and pleasant atmosphere, something she has greatly succeeded in as the salon is often visited by familiar faces. And the new faces? Well, they often become loyal returners too!


Address: Unit 303, 3/F, Yu To Sang Building, 37 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 6348 4452 | Email: | Facebook:


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