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Zeina Khoury's Career Profile & Journey to Becoming Dubai Bling's 'Versace Queen'



With a loyal following of just under a million, Zeina Khoury’s road to luxury has inspired thousands across the globe to follow in her footsteps. From humble beginnings to a lavish million-dollar lifestyle, join us as we delve into Zeina’s success story. 

Image courtesy of @thezeinakhoury/Instagram

Zeina Khoury's educational background

Born in Lebanon, Zeina spent the majority of her upbringing in her birthplace - a country well-known for its amazing food scene and an economy that has been in the decline for decades. Shortly after achieving her degree in Banking and Finance from Notre Dame University, Zeina emigrated to study at the Columbia Business School in New York, then sequentially at the London Business School, per her LinkedIn. With another academic award of an Accounting and Finance degree from Wharton Online, Khoury's academic portfolio excels in its extensive certificates.  

Image courtesy of @thezeinakhoury/Instagram

What does Zeina Khoury do for work?

After relocating to Dubai in 2006 to begin a career in real estate, Khoury now serves as the current CEO of Zed Capital Real Estate that opened for business in October of last year. Having worked with the D1 Tower and lavish Palazzo Versace, her career is, needless to say, brimming with success. However, Zeina’s ascent to luxury certainly wasn't handed to her on a silver platter.  

Image courtesy of @thezeinakhoury/Instagram

IN June 2020, the Dubai Bling star posted a sentimental reflection on her career hardships on her Instagram. After the Global Financial Crisis, Khoury confessed: “In 2008, I lost everything”. Like many others, Khoury experienced profound financial setbacks, but decided to work hard to reconstruct her financial dreams. Rather than succumb to despair, Khoury voluntarily assigned herself an undesirable role within her real estate company. Here’s what she had to say in regards to her personal sacrifices: 

"It was not easy and it most definitely was not fun. But to date, with no offence to any job, I am ready to stand in a supermarket and fill up bags if I need to. This needs to be our mindset. No job is too small if it serves the purpose." 

Having leveraged her resourcefulness despite the adversity, Khoury transitioned from student, to employee, to CEO in the span of a couple years. Now also a fashion entrepreneur with her newly launched and Dubai-Bling-featured clothing brand I Am The Company, Khoury's story of prosperity serves as a testament to the power of determination, ambition, and having true belief in yourself.


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