10 Minutes with…Katrine Friis Olsen, Pilot

An interview with Katrine Friis Olsen, First Officer

Name: Katrine Friis Olsen | Occupation: First Officer/Pilot | Location: Hong Kong | Known for: Pilot

Hong Kong is home to an abundance of creative talent, spanning across different career paths from photographers to pilots. Each week we interview some of the most notable creatives and entrepreneurs from around the city to learn some of their quirky habits, hopes and dreams, and “favourite things” to share with us, all within the short timeframe of 10 minutes. This week, we got up and personal with Katrine Friis Olsen, a Danish-born First Officer, based in Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of Katrine Friis Olsen

A Little Background…

Katrine Friis Olsen has led herself to live quite the unexpected—and impressive—life and career. Once a girl from a sleepy little countryside village in Denmark, Katrine ended up as a pilot for one of the most prestigious airlines in the world. After an extensive amount of flight training (which goes from cadet training, to second officer, to first officer—then captain), she married a Hong Kong actor and learned to speak Cantonese, the local dialect of the city. Yet, there’s even more to Katrine’s multifaceted lifestyle; the 29-year old also has a liking for Chinese tea-brewing at home, traveling far off the beaten track, and regularly practices daily yoga, meditation to ensure a holistic lifestyle. Katrine certainly has lots of stories to tell, so we sat down and asked her a few questions about her life and recent endeavours.