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3 Luxury Eco-Friendly Towel Brands We Love

Finding a plush, high-quality towel makes such a difference to everyday living. Getting out of the shower and wiping off that excess residue, is best achieved when dried with a thick, absorbing towel to speed up the process. Whether you’re heading out for a beach day, or sinking into the bath for a hot plunge, these eco-friendly luxury towel brands will keep you dry.


Founded by two friends back in 2018, SORA was formed in search of the perfect, multifunctional towel—one that could keep you dry, be used for yoga classes (non-slip), and travel lightly on weekend getaways. The result was SORA, a sustainable brand that ticked all the boxes, plus its printed on recycled fabric.

One of the most unique attributes about SORA towels—besides the inspiring corporate environmental responsibility—is the stunning designs, curated by artists from across the globe, and many of which are inspired by tropical island living. SORA towels are beautifully simple, highly-absorbent, and light to pack. The towels are also sand-repellent, anti-microbial, and have moisture-activated grip.


Bamboa’s products are made from 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable bamboo. Founded in Hong Kong in 2008, the brand commits to providing bamboo-based products. There’s a multitude of benefits in bamboo, which includes it being as soft as silk, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and odour resistant, and it’s highly absorbent. Try the Ultra Soft Bamboo Hand Towel (HK$150), made from 100% 600GSM bamboo rayon, for the utmost comfort. Fancy a post-bath indulgence? The Bamboa Ultra Soft Unisex Bamboo Towel Bathrobe (HK$600) makes a cosy fit, and is wearable year-round.

Teresa’s Turkish Towels

As Asia’s leading Turkish Towel brand, Teresa’s offers a colourful assortment of Hamam towels, which become more absorbent and softer with every wash. The multi-purpose towels can be used for different occasions, being used as a beach towel, a shower towel, or even as a scarf, for some. Turkish towels are flat woven, which means they dry quicker, and don’t need to be put in a drier—meaning it uses 91% less water than conventional cotton in the growing process.


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