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4 Premium Tea Brands To Indulge in This Autumn

Tea will never be outdated. With centuries of heritage, the beverage remains one of the most celebrated drinks and is available on nearly every restaurant and bar menu. But there’s more to the cuppa than its divine tastes—it’s also seen as a social ritual, where it be with friends or family. In different cultures, the drink has different connotations, and to have a cuppa means to catch up, with the calming benefits of the drink. Here are our current favourite luxury tea brands to indulge in this season, and all-year round.

Image courtesy of Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons

Founded by John Harney in 1983, Harney Teas continues its legacy with his sons and family to this day. Harney & Sons sources the finest teas from lush gardens around the world, with famous blends including English Breakfast, Paris, and Hot Cinnamon. The brand aims to provide quality tea products to its appreciators, and to educate the world on the fascinating history and tastes. Harney & Sons also has their own published guides on tea drinking and houses two tasting shops. Find your exceptional blend from the Classics section. Our favourites include the Chamomile Herbal (HK$78/20 sachets), Earl Grey Supreme (HK$78/20 sachets), Peppermint Herbal (HK$78/20 sachets), Paris (HK$78/20 sachets), and Hot Cinnamon Spice (HK$78/20 sachets). Collect them all—they come in beautiful, reusable tins.


Image courtesy of WelleCo


Co-founded by Elle Macpherson, WelleCo is a premium daily wholefood supplements brands, designed for optimal health and wellbeing. The Australian label puts wellness at the forefront, offering easy, everyday solutions to simple problems, including sleep. The Sleep Welle Calming Tea (AUD$69/50 bag caddy) is made to help drinkers unwind, relax & rest well, with its blend of Valerian Root, Hops and Skullcap. The herbal remedy is ideal for nighttime rituals.

tea wg mr ping cha siu papers times

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

Tea WG

You’ve probably heard about the world-famous Tea WG, a Singaporean-born brand which specialises in over 800 tea varieties from across the globe. The luxury artisanal tea label caters to every taste bud, from harvest teas to exclusive blends. Plus, the packaging is pretty to look at and can be used for other purposes after it’s finished up.

Image courtesy of Blue Brew Tea

Blue Brew Tea

Taking a whimsical spin on classic brews, Blue Brew Tea is exactly what its name indicates—its recipe is blue. But it’s all completely natural. Made from natural butterfly pea flower, lemongrass, and ginger, the brand encapsulates the flowers’ mesmerising appeal. Crafted by a local tea master, each bag combines natural flavours, for a refreshing, aromatic flavour at every sip—plus the blue appeal makes a great conversation starter.


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