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6 Must-Visit Sights & Attractions in Barcelona, Spain


All images courtesy from Fatimah Malik

1) Parc De La Cuitadella

Barcelona’s Parc De La Cuitadella dates back to 1888 and is surrounded by towering trees, vibrant greenery, and multiple idyllic sights. Walk through the majestic Arc De Triomf; admire the stunning gold water fountain constructed for the world exhibition in 1888; visit the beautiful 7,500 animals housed in the Zoo of Barcelona; see the blooming plant house, the Umbracle, and the wondrous glass house, the Hivernacle. Parc De La Cuitadella will keep you busy and in constant awe of the beauty they have to offer for its many residents and tourists, and is a must-visit for your trip to Barcelona.

2) Sagrada Família

One of the works of Spain’s talented, renowned architect Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Família has been designed and renovated for five generations. The temple has been touched by the hands of multiple architects following its original designer, and continues to be adorned by different, contrasting artistic perspectives to this day, with work on two of the four towers of the Evangelists, Luke and Mark, just completed in 2022. Enter the temple to admire its stunning stained glass windows, its exalted interior structures and arches, and discover what new developments are taking place on its grand exterior.

3) Casa Batlló and Casa Milà

Seated amidst Passeig De Gràcia, a street filled with popular, chic stores and shops, Casa Batlló is certainly a sight for Gaudi admirers to visit. Also called the ‘House of Bones’ for its skeletal pillars, Casa Batlló is home to beautiful, vibrant modernist art and offers unique, exciting immersive experiences that ignite Gaudi’s childhood and designs to life.

Casa Milà, the modernist marvel of La Padrera and the last piece Gaudi worked on before he set his focus on the Sagrada Familia, and is another classic sight to see in Barcelona; stroll through the two courtyards of Passeig de Gràcia and Provenca, infused with twirling murals and vibrant mosaics, and learn Gaudi’s purpose behind his designs and architecture; explore the Exhibition Hall where the former residents, the Milà family, lived; explore Gaudi’s past through the Espai Gaudi museum in its top floor with insightful audio commentary.

4) Plaça Reial

Located off the bustling street, Las Ramblas, Plaça Reil is a sight of Spanish culture and enjoyment. Enjoy a meal in one of its many inviting restaurants , sit outside and enjoy the beautiful, catchy music played by street players, or enjoy the sprinkling water in its central fountain, lit up in different vibrant colours at night.

5) Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is Barcelona’s bustling boulevard full of delicious restaurants, refreshing ice-cream spots, and vibrant culture. Take a walk down the atmospheric, iconic street that is approximately 1.2km and which leads you from Placa Catalunya to Port Vell, running directly through the city’s centre. As you stroll through, you pass by live performances, the prestigious Liceu Theatre, and the popular La Boqueria Market bursting with delicious food stalls and fresh fruit and vegetables; a walk certainly to keep you entertained.

6) Montjuïc Hill

Home to the Museo National d’Art de Catalunya, the Castle Montjuïc and Cable Car, and the iconic Magic Fountain, Montjuïc offers stunning views of the beautiful, scenic city of Barcelona with its two cable cars, gives you an insight into beautiful pieces of art in its wondrous art museum, musical entertainment and beauty with its fountain shows, and history through its castle atop the Montjuïc Hill, which has been standing since 1640.


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