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9 Luxury Australian Fashion Designers to Know

Small but mighty, Australia has its fair share of fashion designers, of which many have made a presence overseas alongside outstanding accolades. A few thousand kilometres away from key fashion capitals doesn’t seem to act as a disadvantage to the hungry, creative fashion names down under. 

Not only have they appeared on a global stage, but they have also achieved phenomenal success in dressing some of the biggest stars with the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner taking notice of the Aussie appeal and in turn, attracting the attention of style lovers all over the globe. 

Brands’ ode to the nation’s natural lifestyle, and their unapologeticness, make an Australian designer flagship hold its own in an international market. With the world shifting to a more sustainable-conscious and holistic society, Australians in the fashion space seem to be front runners paving the way for emerging designers today. 

Here, we’ve chosen nine luxury Australian designer brands to know for 2024. All offer an idyllic aesthetic without any compromise on quality and functionality. Pieces aside, some are more well-known and others emerging, on their way to conquering the fashion universe. 

Image courtesy of Zimmermann

1) Zimmermann

Sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann founded their eponymous label in 1991 at Paddington markets selling swimwear. Fast forward to today, their Paddington boutique has grown to hundreds of locations around the world, certainly making an impression on the European fashion scene with their diaphanous gowns and quintessential prints. 

Image courtesy of Aje

2) Aje

Coming in close second is Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest’s, Aje. With bold and structural silhouettes, you’re guaranteed to make an entrance on any occasion. Coastal references pervade the collections, always prioritising the Australian lifestyle first-hand. 

Image courtesy of Camilla and Marc

3) Camilla and Marc

Born in 2003, the Camilla and Marc team, both siblings, have created an emperor of a brand that continues to trademark minimalism. Through a blend of boxy silhouettes and feminine expressions, there is always something to get you to the office and out to dinner in style as you channel your sartorial prowess. 

Image courtesy of SIR the Label

4) SIR the Label

Another admirable beginning when two people (friends), came together to offer a sense of duality to the luxury fashion scene with ready-to-wear and swimwear pieces, plus intimates. It’s around the time of Australia’s warmer months when brand lovers gravitate to the fluid, angelic cuts that work to add a fresh disposition to each wardrobe.

Image courtesy of Oroton

5) Oroton

Since the brand’s birth in 1938, Oroton is still a leader in fashion. Changing with the seasons, you can expect to see bold signature colours that are a testament to the local climate. Known for selling premium leather goods to compliment any outfit, Oroton is a one-stop shop.

Image courtesy of Flannel

6) Flannel

It’s one thing splurging on a new dress to inject into your wardrobe, but it’s way more precious when a keepsake from Flannel stands the test of time–and you’re most likely the only one in the room rocking it. The family-owned brand doesn’t stop at clothing; they also cater to gift-givers by offering artisanal products designed to be cherished forever. 

Image courtesy of Christopher Esber

7) Christopher Esber

Truly breaking through the Australian fashion space at the moment, Christopher Esber offers nothing other than a show-stopping collection with his elegant gowns as a go-to for many formal shoppers. A designer who is pushing the envelope on creativity in the best way, his pieces are worth the peep. 

Image courtesy of Hansel & Gretel

8) Hansel & Gretel

A crowd favourite for their fun and edgy designs; for the feminine girl who also has a boyish side they want to unleash, meet Hansen & Gretel’s masculine-style tailoring. Quality is a no-brainer, and you’re sure to find something that will go anywhere with a “bite”. 

Image courtesy of Bec + Bridge

9) Bec + Bridge

A showstopper on the scene, the designer brand dresses the ultimate cool-girl each season and isn’t planning on stopping. Bridesmaids turn to the beloved Bec + Bridge for modern pieces catered to all shapes and sizes. Whether it's an extra element to elevate your ensemble or a top-to-toe outfit, you’re destined to be seen a mile away. 


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