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A Conversation With Cantopop Singer, Actor and Model, Pakho Chau


Pakho Chau was always destined for the path of stardom, from when he realised at a young age that he wanted to be a Cantopop singer, closely followed by being a songwriter, model and actor. But despite his immense success, the Hong Konger remains humble to his roots, often crediting his fame to his fans, who have offered endless support for his work since his debut in 2007. He's also recently become a father of two – one girl and one boy – and has been busy enjoying the dad life. We chat with Chau about his proudest career moments to date and what he loves most about being a father.

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

You're a Cantopop singer, songwriter, model and actor. Can you tell us about your proudest career moment to date?

To be honest, my proudest moment to date is now. It is because of the support from all my fans. They have supported me unconditionally and never abandoned me throughout my career.

I hope to meet them again very soon, being on stage and performing for them is a spectacular feeling. Also the 2017-2019 Concert Tour was very memorable for me, from the beginning during my preparation to the live performance on stage. I find that experience is irreplaceable.

Music has been in your life for a long time – since you were a child. When did you realise that you wanted to pursue it as a lifelong career?

To be frank, I never really thought of turning music into a career. I'm simply someone who loves making music. However, my supporters really encouraged me and gave me a lot of inspiration, so I kept going. I owe a big thanks to them.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up?

Eason Chan was my musical inspiration growing up – pretty much everything about him is inspirational for me. His songs, his character and his movies. I just love him so much :)

What is the future of Cantopop?

I believe as long as there is an audience for it, there will always be Cantopop.

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy last year – your second child. What are the best things about being a father?

It is the most amazing thing to see a child grow day by day, how they learn and improve little by little. It’s also very inspirational. Responsibility is what I have learned the most as a father, and I truly understand the meaning of unconditional love now.

How do you balance work and home life?

There is no balance at all, haha. It is basically home life after work and work life once I wake up. I'm still trying my best.

What are your top five restaurants in Hong Kong and why?

  • Paper Moon – for its great foods and view

  • Giá Trattoria Italiana – it has great food and the location of the restaurant is very special

  • Porker - they have the best fried pork chop!

  • 美味廚 – they have the best Shanghai pork chop rice!

  • 同心 – this is my favourite Thai restaurant, all the chefs are Thai

You founded two fashion brands – XPX and CATXMAN. Where do you find inspiration for your designs/what are the most exciting parts about these businesses for you?

My inspiration comes from my daily life and the elements of things that I like. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and things I like with people. For me, it is a very joyful thing to be able to share my happiness and to be understood.

What are your top five tips for aspiring musicians/singers?

All you need is passion. If you truly want to be a musician or singer, do it with passion. As long as you’re passionate about music, you get all the motivation you need to succeed.

All images courtesy of Pakho Chau.

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