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Adidas Originals & Ksenia Schnaider Collaborate For The 'Cool' Women

There’s a lot to be said for a collaboration which transcends solely beyond corporeality, and metamorphoses itself into a meeting of both intuition and intellect. This is where Ksenia Schnaider’s inaugural, collaborative project with Adidas Originals, “featuring a host of imaginatively unconventional garments, footwear and accessories”, comes in.

What makes it distinctive, is that through the former’s ambition to “challenge established conventions to boldly project a new vision of the future” and the latter’s dedication to “product innovation and it’s ability to filter the creativity and courage found on the courts and sporting arenas through the lens of contemporary youth culture”, we are instead introduced to an altogether different, but no less exhilarating landscape, in every sense of the word, especially as it’s one which “opens up a new perspective on signature Adidas looks”.

A plethora of denim silhouettes for instance, jeans, jackets and shirt dresses, have been reinterpreted, using everything from frayed contours, to exaggeratedly proportioned silhouettes and other multifarious embellishments. Whilst the signatory adiColour tracksuit, along with corsets and dresses, have been patchwork-enthused. As for the shoes, who can forget about them? Especially as they’ve been reworked into unanticipated silhouettes, before being rounded off with fluorescent yellow cleat studs?

Run, don't walk to bag your own ensemble, available on Adidas online now:


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