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Alexandra Richards On Reggae Music, DJing & Her Fashion Inspirations – Exclusive Interview


Alexandra Richards is a polymathic marvel – and she can thank genetics, in part, for that. Not only does she effortlessly channel the musical mystique of her father, The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, but she's also strutted the catwalk with the grace of her mother, Patti Hansen.

These days though, she's been going behind the decks as a DJ spinning beats; while working as a music supervisor for films like Ziggy and Far From the Castle. But growing up in the limelight of rock royalty hasn't dimmed Alexandra's radiance one bit; she's as humble as she is talented, as kind as she is accomplished. A true maestro in the music realm, she orchestrates tunes with finesse – all while gracefully juggling the demands of family life as a doting mother.

So, what's next for this dynamic DJ and fashion icon? We sat down with Alexandra Richards to find out what makes her tick:

All images courtesy of Alexandra Richards.

1) Hi Alexandra! Thanks for taking this interview and happy belated new year! Do you have any resolutions for 2024 you'd like to share?

Thanks for featuring me! I’d say I started the year off not being so hard on myself. I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to that. I had one of those years last year, so I’m giving myself a break from myself.

2) What's something exciting you've been working on lately?

I’ve been working hard on a soundtrack as a Music Supervisor for a documentary film for the past three years. I’m very excited for it to hit the festival circuit this year. I’m also getting ready to go to Miami Music Week. I have a couple of DJ gigs down there for the EDMA awards.

3) Do you have any fun stories from unusual requests during DJ sets?

I’ve gotten some weird music requests while I’m working. I usually say “Oh yeah I got that one, I’ll play in a few” and then I don’t, and usually they forget. As a DJ you need to read the room first and for most taking requests is a no-go for me.

4) Growing up touring with The Rolling Stones must have been incredible. Can you share a specific moment or place that shaped you?

I was blessed to travel so much at a young age. That would truly shape anyone. Being able to see different parts of the world and different cultures is eye-opening. You learn that you have a little part in this world that is so much bigger than you and there is so much more to discover than what you grew up around and know. I just knew it was something I wanted to do more of. DJing has been the best for that. As I can play music and travel the world at the same time.

5) Beyond your father's music, you love reggae. Can you share a special reggae track and why it's meaningful to you?

I love reggae because it’s a feel-good and spiritually it speaks to me. I play reggae for my daughter now because I find it just puts us all in a great mood while we start our day. And she can now make memories around the same songs I grew up listening to. There are too many tracks to choose from that I love. Big in my household are Gregory Isaacs, Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse and The Heptones to name a few. Very inspirational bands.

6 ) If you had a personal soundtrack, what song would it be and why?

That is such a good question and truly hard. I find my rhythm and every day are so different. I can connect to a lot of different genres of music. Maybe today would be Nina Simone - Solitude. It’s a classic.

7) Can you share a memorable experience or challenge in curating movie music?

The latest film I’m working on has been a very long one due to editing heavy archival footage and music clearance. But also due to the strike. A lot of people involved couldn’t work. The film industry is forever evolving and changing. I’m learning a lot just being on the music side. Learning patience especially.

8) Congratulations on your beautiful wedding! The dress looked gorgeous. What do you consider to be your ideal date night?

Thank you! We married in September of 2019 just before the pandemic. We are coming up to five years this year. Time has flown. I married my best friend so we really can have a fun time anywhere. Bowling, a special dinner somewhere we’ve never been, taking Citi bikes around to see new restaurants, art or antiques. It’s the best way to see the city as it’s always changing. And sometimes just staying in and cooking and watching a movie is just the best.

9) Where are your top 5 restaurants in NYC?

10) We love your style! Who's your fashion inspo and why?

My mother. She’s effortlessly cool. Jeans and tee shirt kind of gal, maybe a blazer here and there. I’m always on the go and love that look with also some Adidas or a leather jacket. I also love to dress up. If there’s a fun event I like to go all out with a statement piece, that could include the hair or a strong red lip.

11) And finally, what are your go-to brands?

Nili Lotan is fabulous, and Khatie. I love mixing it up with some Saint Laurent shirts. I also love Reformation they are really pushing the bar high with sustainability, it’s a pretty big accomplishment in the fashion industry.


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